Ice Cream

Ice cream is a very cold sweet food made from frozen cream or a substance like cream and has a flavor such as vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry.

10 fact about ice cream

1.It takes 12 pounds of milk to produce just 1 gallon of ice cream.

2.The average number of licks to finish a scoop of ice cream is 50.

3.The country that consumes the most ice cream is USA, followed by Australia then Norway.

4.The most popular flavor is vanilla, then chocolate.

5.Vanilla was rare and exotic in the late 1700’s.

6.Chocolate ice cream was invented before vanilla.

7.Ice cream in America in the 1700’s was rare and enjoyed by the elite.

8.The first written ice cream recipe was found in a 1665 recipe book.

9.The average American eats 45.8 pints of ice cream a year.

10.The tallest ice cream cone was over 9 feet tall in Italy.

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