The Benefits of Bus Travel

Travelling by bus can be a less stressful way to travel and free up valuable time.

Travelling by bus is good for your health. It is a third less stressful than commuting by car

Taking the bus frees your hands and your head, allowing you to catch up on life admin, read a book or play games on your mobile.

Walking to the bus stop can, on average, help you achieve half the Government’s recommended 30 minutes of exercise per day

A third of drivers consider driving a chore because of high fuel costs and increased congestion.

The bus is good value for everyone

Bus commuters help tackle congestion, which costs the UK economy at £11 billion each year

Bus commuters generate £64 billion of benefits to the UK economy

Tackling loneliness & other social benefits

Young people are more reliant on the bus than any other group – more than 50% of 16-19 year olds use the bus regularly.

Buses help local communities to thrive by keeping local people connecting and strengthening community ties.

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