Different Types Of Blogs [Choose Your Favourite]

It is always important to know the correct blogging type whenever you are creating a blog. For a successful blog, you have to plan and select the appropriate niche that best fits your work. Moreover, it helps you to establish the best strategy to reach your online business goals and add value to the targeted audience.

Here, in this article, we will explain the 20 most popular types of blogs. Apart from this, we will also suggest some powerful WordPress blog plugins.

Let’s start without any further ado.

1. Personal Blogs

The personal blogs belong to people who do not focus on a specific topic or audience. Personal Bloggers write about which topic interests them like hobbies, beliefs, daily life, politics, sports, and many more. They attract the types of individuals that share the same interests.

The aim of personal blogging can be anything, such as making a difference using motivating stories and influencing blog readers with their perspective. Furthermore, personal bloggers also include photographers who share photos online to get more work, chefs who share recipes on the blog, etc.

2. Affiliate Blogs

Generally, the content of the affiliate blogs is focused on the products. It is about the product reviews and the tutorials of using products. Importantly, affiliate blogs need to search for products with great and well-known affiliate programs.

The main aim is to sell products using affiliate links on the blog. You can also promote your affiliate blog in social media groups or using emails.

3. Artist Blogs

The artist blogs mainly concentrate on every kind of art that an artist creates, like drawing, painting, music, photography, and many more. With this type of blog, artists can showcase their work and also provide tutorials or videos to promote their work.

They normally insert galleries or an eCommerce shop where others can purchase products.

4. Guest Blogs

The guest blogs are written for others’ websites. The guest bloggers write for similar blogs with their industry to enhance their domain authority using external links. With the guest post, you can develop relationships with your peers in the industry. Moreover, the main goal of writing a high-quality guest blog is to add value to your readers but not as an advertisement.

Before you start a guest blog post, clear with what you are looking to get as an outcome.

5. Case Study Blogs

The case study blogs try things out to see what works. They try different techniques, strategies, and many other things and show the outcomes to the blog readers to provide insights into their fields. It is important to create step-by-step guides that the readers can follow for their success. Case studies support your online business with various marketing materials so you can share and promote it again and again.

Bloggers are required to share what works and why in their case study. This means the tests have to be relevant to their targeted audience. It is successful when it has appropriate followers to make a strong case study that can lead to a call to action.

6. Business Blogs

Business blogs are a professional blog related to online business agencies and industries. This type of blog provides a way to communicate with your consumers and educate them about your business products and services. Apart from this, the business blog includes landing pages, email lists, contact forms, calls to action, discounts, and many more.

Business Category Blogs

This blog helps you to provide more visibility to your visitors and grow your business. Perhaps, it converts your website blog visitors into your customers.

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7. Fashion Blogs

Fashion blogs are a well-known type of blog you find on the World Wide Web. In this category, you can explore blog posts related to fashion belief, fashion deals by best brands, and many more.

Fashion Blogs

Moreover, this type of blog is great for the creative person with proper fashion style knowledge. You can also make money with fashion blogs by promoting online products.

8. Travel Blogs

The travel blogs are showcasing travel advice, tips, and destination guide. These types of blogs make it easy for travelers to know related locations they never want to.

travel blogs

Travel blogs can use several avenues to earn money with banner ads, sponsored posts, native ads, and affiliate links for travel products.

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9. Music Blogs

Music Blogs have a wider audience who are searching for trending music. The music industry has great potential for bloggers to write on various types of music, such as pop, jazz, etc. The best music blog has a reliable stream of new and repeated traffic.

Music blogs

You give strong reasons to the audience to visit your blog rather than just hearing new music from the artists you review. For instance, when you start writing a music blog, you can write about the history of music, discuss many genres, and various other things to gain the visitor’s attention.

10. Lifestyle Blogs

Lifestyle blogs are about the individual’s life. This type of blog shares a variety of content inspired by personal lives and daily activities. Moreover, it provides bloggers extensive topics to cover and easier for a plan to gain more visitors on the blog.

If you are interested in becoming an influencer or share your lifestyle with your kith and kin, then this blog type is the best fit for you.

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11. Fitness and Health Blogs

Generally, fitness and health blogs cover topics like healthy recipes, workout tips, diet plans, and many other things. If you are a fitness trainer, then this is the best blog type to create a blog and gain more online clients.

As a fitness blogger, you can also add videos related to a different exercise, perfect fitness routine plan, or healthy eating habits to your blog.

12. DIY Blogs

DIY blogs are a popular blog type nowadays. These DIY engaging and entertaining activities may encourage readers to try new stuff and share their experiences with others in the comment section.

In addition to this, this type of blog has different subtypes like art and craft, construction, wood-work, etc.

13. Sports Blogs

Sports blogs are an interesting topic because almost every country has different sports activities. Without a doubt, each sport has its own star as well. In this type of blog, the blogger covers the player insights, the latest events, and the upcoming sports events.

sports blogs

Furthermore, the sports blog is a great source for the sports fan to know what they actually missed. As a blogger, you can create your blogs on a specific sport or follow an integrated approach.

14. Food Blogs

The Food blog draws the attention of readers who are interested in new cooking recipes, healthy eating, well-made dining, and other food regarding stories. Many food bloggers begin with something as local restaurant reviews.

Food blogs

If their food blogs are in demand, then they start covering other food-related topics on their blog. However, some bloggers have videos to integrate with their recipes and social media channels that all connect to the blog. It helps them to gain more traffic to the blog.

15. Finance Blogs

Finance blogs help the audience to manage their finance with ease. The personal finance blog shares investment knowledge for businesses, startups, investors, and individuals.

Actually, it is the best blog type for a person who is interested in the world of smartly managing their income.

16. Political Blogs

Political blogs demonstrate the news on the polities. In this, the bloggers are an examination of the latest political news all over the world. In addition to this, it will faster enhance the engaging audience.

Moreover, this type of blog shares the plan of the political party and writes about their politics to gain more visitor’s attention.

17. News Blogs

The News blog showcases local and international news in an attractive way. They can cover different blog topics or limit to a specific news section. News can be related to anything such as scientific innovations, technology, climate change, religion, and many more.

Importantly, the news blogs are updated quite often to cover the most recent news.

18. Podcast

This type of blog content includes the integrated podcast with the description, summary, and transcript of the podcast. It also consists of the links for a call to action. This type of blog takes the form of webinars, training, interviews, etc.

The successful podcast having larger traffic that clicks on the call to action.

19. Personal Services Blogs

In the personal service blog, you can illustrate topics related to the services that you are offered. This type of blog is generally suitable for local services. With this blog, bloggers can gain revenue using different ads or affiliate links. However, the main goal of this blog is for the blogger to get hired to accomplish various services. This type of blog is successful when they reach the local audience.

20. Survey Blogs

Last but not least, the Survey type of blog contains a list of questions intended at gathering particular information from a specific group of people. Moreover, it helps you to review some product or service. After analyzing the result, you can increase your work efficiency. For getting appropriate suggestions, you can improve your products and services accordingly.

Now it’s time to explore some best blog plugins. Right! These are the plugins that help you to create stunning blog layouts and attract more visitors to your blog.

Let’s take a tour!

Suggested Blog Plugins

1. Blog Designer Pro

The Blog Designer Pro is a fully responsive WordPress plugin that helps you to design an attractive blog layout as per your needs. You can also change several settings quickly from the admin side. Moreover, this plugin is easy to embed using shortcodes.

This plugin is popular to attract more blog readers to your blog page. It supports precisely developed 50 templates for different categories. The plugin has lots of options to control your blog style and design like font-style, font-color, and many more.

Furthermore, this plugin is useful for all types of websites. And, it is easy to manage from beginners to developers. This plugin has 5,500+ sales and 4.62 ratings out of 5 stars. You can buy this plugin for just $59.

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2. Blog Designer Ads

The Blog Designer Ads is an add-on WordPress plugin for Blog Designer and Blog Designer Pro to showcase ads in the blog without requiring many configurations. It supports 50+ template layouts and displays ads according to your requirements.


The plugin comes with many features such as showcasing random ads, multiple ads, repeated ads, selected ads, etc. Apart from this, the plugin not just supports 3rd party ads like Google AdSense but also provides custom ads with several customization features such as image ads, HTML ads, slider ads, and various more.

You can buy this plugin for just $24.

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3. Trash Duplicate and 301 Redirect Pro

The Trash Duplicate and 301 Redirect Pro is a powerful WordPress plugin that helps you to find and remove duplicate content. It also permits you to permanently redirect removed content URL to the main URL.


Furthermore, you can also view all duplicate posts, web pages, and custom posts as well. Apart from this, the plugin also optimizes your website speed due to it deleting several duplicate contents.

For More Details and Download

4. WP Timeline Designer Pro

The WP Timeline Designer Pro is a great WordPress plugin to beautify your blog with a stunning timeline. The plugin supports 12 unique templates with 50+ design layouts for different categories. The single layout template contains various options to control and customize your website posts layouts.

wp timeline wordpress plugin

Furthermore, it has various in-built features like social media share, advanced filter, pagination, media option, post options, and many more. It helps you to attract more visitors to your blog or website.

This plugin is easy to manage from beginners to website developers. You can buy this plugin for just $9 (Offer Price).

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5. Social Stream Designer

The Social Stream Designer is a powerful WordPress plugin that permits you to iterate social media feed on your website. It supports 14 social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, WordPress, Vimeo, and many more. Importantly, this plugin provides you a great responsive wall on your WordPress website or blog.


Furthermore, the plugin provides 40+ customization options for creating a unique style and design. The plugin will not gather any data from website visitors because it is GDPR compatible.

You can buy this plugin for just $29.

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Final Verdicts!

That’s all. Now you have a better understanding of the above-explained 20 well-known types of blogs. Carefully select the best-fit blog type and above suggested WordPress plugin according to your needs. Now, you can start your own WordPress blog.

Still, if you have any questions, then feel free to contact us or let us know in the comment section below.

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