Website Builder vs. Website Designer: What’s the Best Way To Build A Website?

Due to the enhancement of technology, we live in the digital world. So, it is really important for you to develop an awesome website for making your eminent business all over the globe. Websites’ appearance is like the heart of your online business. However, if your website looks are not appropriate then generally people leave your website and never come back. Do you ever compare website builder vs web designer?

You have 2 choices whenever it comes to website designing. Firstly, you can recruit the website designer and let them make your website. Secondly, you can visit the website builder and create your website on your own.

Today in this article, we will explain the best way to get a website either a website builder or website designer. Before we start this topic you need to understand the basic things about the website builder vs web designer.

So, without any further ado, let’s see the battle Website Builder vs Web Designer.

What is a Website Designer?

A website designer is a person who is designing a website from the beginning. The main role is related to web pages layouts, styling, adding styling content, and images on your website. Generally, they use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap as well as various other website designing tools.

Website Designer

For instance, they will work on the appearance of the website like appropriate color, font as well as images that are used. They do coding and make a perfect website design according to the client requirement.

Moreover, for your website design, you can contact the website designing company or directly connect with the freelancer who is an expert in web designing.


What is a Website Builder?

The website builder is the program or tool that helps users to develop the website. Moreover, using the website builder tools you can build the website using pre-built themes or templates. You don’t have to write any kind of code or develop a design by yourself.

Website Builder

The top website builder tools in 2020 are Wix, Squarespace, Site123, and Apart from this, there are various other websites also available in the market. The website builder provides a plethora of website templates so you can select the best from it for your website.

There are 2 types of website builders.

1. Offline Website Builder

The offline website builder is just like a program that you have to download and install on your system. And you just need to build your website and save locally on your computer. Once your website is ready then upload your website on the host server and publish it on the World Wide Web. Pinegrow is one of the best offline website builder software.

One of the important things about this website builder is you can use it even though you are offline. However, you have to purchase a web hosting plan. Moreover, you need some technical knowledge when you upload your website on the web host.

2. Online Website Builder

Online builder is the platform where you can build your website totally online so there is a priority to an online connection and internet connectivity. You also did not require any coding knowledge for building your website online. Mostly, the software provides a drag and drop approach. WordPress is an amazing platform for online website development.

One of the main advantages of such a website builder is that you can develop your website from any device in any place. In addition to this, you will not have to purchase any hosting plan because it comes with the hosting services.


What is an amazing way to get a website? A web designer or web builder

Actually, hiring a web designer or using a web builder software to develop your website relies on various factors like your requirements, budget, the situation, and many other things.


Why Hiring Website Designer?

The first impression really matters on the online business, so the web designer helps you to build that awesome first impression on your visitors.
Moreover, the professional website designer will build a customized website according to your needs for your business. Make your website design appealing and professional looking to your target audience.

1. Save Your Important Time

Save Time

Hiring a professional website designer can really help you to save time. Without a doubt, they know how effectively and efficiently they build the website in a short period of time. So, you do not have to perform any kind of coding or task for designing your website.

You can utilize this time on making strategies and other business-related work. The designer will design your website as you want on the internet.

2. Maintain The Brand Identity

The professional website designer helps you to consistently maintain your brand image in front of your target audience. However, we all know that hiring web designers is not that much pocket friendly. But it is a great way for website development.

The brand image simply means, maintain the uniqueness in the logo as well as some content related to your business website. The web designers help you to develop a unique, eye-catching, and powerful navigation business website according to your brand. So, you can easily stand out in the online competition.

3. SEO Friendly

For increasing the conversion rate the SEO friendly website is an essential factor. For that, you need to optimize your website with the correct SEO technique. The professional designer very well knows how to make an SEO friendly website.

Most importantly, an SEO friendly website helps to rank on the top of the search engine. So more and more people know about your online business.

4. Provides Endless Opportunities

When your website is built by a professional web designer then you have unlimited design opportunities. If you have typical business requirements and also hard to visualize. Perhaps, the web designer is able to tell you the features and build the website using a number of tools.

However, developing a fully functional website you need the web designer as well as a web developer to turn your imagination into reality for your online business.

5. Develop Customize Website

The web designer can easily build the customization website based on your business requirements. It will generate a unique website design according to your brand.

According to your business type and needs, they will design the different web pages, product or service pages, set colors, and layout according to the schema of the pages on your website.


Why Website Builder?

Generally, people like to build the website on their own using the free amazing website builder tool rather than paying money to the web designer. There are a plethora of reasons to choose the website Builder for your wonderful website.

1. Programing And Technical Skill Not Needed

When you are using a website builder tool you are not required to know coding skills because it builds with drag and drops functionality. Moreover, the user interface is easy and friendly. So, normally people use it without any kind of hurdle.

In addition to this, whenever a user needs to update an image, content, or replace any other element with the simple just drag and drop feature.

2. Cost-Effective (Not Required Big Budget)

If you are developing a website using a website builder the cost is lower compared to hiring a web designer or contacting the companies.

It really helps you to save your money in designing and invest your money on the other task.

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3. Professional Website Design Training Not Required

You will not require any professional training for designing your website. Moreover, you do not have to design any template or layouts. You just need to select appropriate ready-made templates according to your business requirement and develop awesome websites without knowing any professional technical skills.

Moreover, you can also customize your website when you vary your business requirements. You can also design your brand logo using inbuilt functionality.

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4. Edit Your Website Anytime Anywhere

As we already explained, if you use an online website builder then you can make changes on your website any time anywhere from any device. For this, just go to the website and login to your account. And then make alterations according to your updated needs. Then, save changes and publish on the Internet. Ultimately, it is really easy to make changes using a website builder.

Note – You just need to have a proper Internet connection at your place.

5. Technical Support


A website builder is a professional tool that also provides technical support if you are facing any trouble while developing a website. You can inform your problem by email, chat, or phone. It really builds trust and helps you to resolve your problem with ease.


Final Thought!

Selecting from a website builder vs web designer is not everyone’s cup of tea. So, we will hope this article helps you to decide which is best for your business website. Normally, it depends on your website functionality, complexity, budget as well as many other factors.

Still, if you have any doubts regarding this article, feel free to contact us or let us know about your doubts. We are always happy to help you out.

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