How To Form A Bond With Fellow Bloggers

Whether you’re a new blogger or an established one, you always welcome feedback, suggestions, appreciation, and even criticism from people, right?

How about your fellow bloggers who are either write posts in the same or different niche than yours? When you blogging friends comment on your post, believe me, you will feel overwhelmed. Yes, genuine online relationships work wonder to give you a new strength especially if you are a blogger or a creative writer.

But, do you think it is easy to make friends with fellow bloggers? Well, this post contains top tips to make this seemingly impossible task easy for you. But, before moving forward, let’s go through some of the strong reasons why you should go for genuine blogging friendships.

Interaction– Even if you are a ghostwriter, you just do not want that your blog remains like a ghost town blog without any comments, share, or other interaction. You want people to come up with their suggestions or feedback, right? There, you need blogging friends.

Inspiration– It is fairly possible that your target audience or people belonging to the domain of your blog may not give any reaction after reading your post, but your blogging buddies will certainly keep you motivated through comments or suggestions. In a way, you can get inspiration and feel the pleasure of doing activities with friends!

Support– Connecting with fellow bloggers in your niche can boost your marketing efforts. You can grow with one another’s help and take necessary support as and when necessary.

So, having a friendship with bloggers of your niche can help you in many ways. It is fair to mention that it’s a win-win situation for all the bloggers.

Now, to get a better idea of how and where to start, read on this post.


How to make Friends in Your Blogging Niche

1. Timing is everything

blogging time management

Communication holds a key to success to make friends, and the online world is no exception! All you need to start a conversation. You can find ways to initiate the conversion in your niche and social media platforms can help you find them. But, here you need proper timing. Your conversation should be natural and you should follow due diligence. When you try to understand the fellow blogger’s writing style and their thought process, you can have better possibilities to foster friendships online.

You can read their social media profiles, bio and blog posts to know their thought process and get an idea of their writing style. You can put your thoughts in the comments of their blogs. Just don’t forget to share their articles with your network along with tagging the author.

2. Help others, help yourself

When it comes to the blogging world, which you know matters more than what you know. You can follow ten to twenty famous bloggers and start commenting on their blogs for at least two to three weeks. You can either comment directly on their blogs or on social media accounts. This is known as a ‘shadowing’ process. This will be the beginning of your relationship with the blogger in your niche.

After some time, you can mail them to ask a question or pitch them for a guest blog post. NinjaOutreach is a useful tool for a blogger outreach with a Chrome extension. It will help you find a blogger in your blogging domain. You can click on the Ninja extension to get the Page Rank and Alexa Ranking of a particular blog along with the contact details of the blogger.

3. Add value

Creativity can be better respected by sharing and enjoying together. Yes, togetherness can add value to the blogger’s work as well. You can comment, share, and remain helpful to the fellow bloggers while exchanging insights and experiences. This mindset can open up the doors of new relationships online and you can get friends better than real life! Whether you are an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert at heart, your helpful nature can help you add value in the other’s work as well as your work.

You can find bloggers from Facebook and Tweeter mainly. Instagram and Pinterest have also a blogging community. As per your niche and uniqueness, you can easily find the bloggers who have the same passion and interests as that of yours.

4. Promote other bloggers

You may find it weird, but it is a fact that if you promote other bloggers, your blog will be promoted automatically. The online world is way more rewarding and favorable than the real world for those who help others! Let’s take an example. Many bloggers have a nice and inspired group of friends online simply because they have promoted fellow bloggers’ blogs through commenting, social sharing, and giving traffic.

Triberr and Tweeter are good sources to find helpful and super influential bloggers. You can find such bloggers for any niche by using hashtags. It is always fair to mention that the promotion of other bloggers can open new doors to relationships in your niche.

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5. Find bloggers with the same interest as you

If you want to find bloggers who have the same interest like you, you need to invest some time and effort. It is like investing in yourself and your business to go ahead in your niche. For example, you can spend some time on a blogger network like Bloggers Get Social and social media channels on a daily basis to find new friends and nurture your friendship. When you connect with the bloggers who have the same interests like you, you can easily connect, communicate, and grow together.


Instagram is a great platform for all bloggers as it is free from an algorithm and on using hashtags, you can readily find the bloggers who have shared their profiles. It gives an excellent way to connect with bloggers and find new blogs in your niche.

6. Let bloggers know that you appreciate them

This is very important for any blogger. You should remain in touch with them to let them know that you are promoting their work and appreciate them. It can build trust and get you on their radar. Direct message to bloggers and influencers of your niche is very useful to achieve this objective. You can message them on any social media channel you like. Whether it is Tweeter, Pinterest, or Gmail, you can build and develop a relationship online by sending messages as a blogger.

Today, as the number of bloggers is continuously increasing across various niches, you can easily find the bloggers who are influential and who have a good command over a sizeable chunk of readers. There is nothing wrong with appreciating them for their efforts and skills. Once you do it and they take notice for the same, chances are high that they will include you in their trusted friends.

7. Help your readers

Now, this is something interesting for readers to always remain in the center of your writings. The success of your blog posts entirely depends on people who read and share them. This is the reason why you should help your readers through writings, messaging, and staying connected with them on social media. Whatever issues they may have, you can always lend a helping hand online to get a loyal reader base for your blogs.

You should remain open to respond promptly and precisely if they have any questions or elaborate them more if they do not understand your point. They will turn into fans once they get active support from you. It is easier to start a conversation with them as compared to fellow bloggers. What’s more, when you connect with your readers directly, it can make you an influential writer in your niche pretty easily. Triberr and CommentLuv are excellent platforms for following readers and develop an online relationship.

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8. Be consistent

This is one of the most important tips. Building and maintaining online relationships is a daunting task and you need to remain consistent in your efforts. Can you imagine how difficult it is to draw the attention of a person who has already a great influence? Hundreds of thousands of people try to build a relationship with such people from every nook and cranny, by different means. Such people know the importance of having relationships with them, and therefore, they remain very choosy in selecting friends.

Therefore, you need to keep your efforts consistent and for a long time to build a relationship with them. Step-by-step you can get more personal by giving more time to getting your relationship more matured. For example, in stage one, you can just start with social media. Find any two platforms on which they are the most active and start retweeting or liking their posts. If you start getting Favorites or Likes for your efforts, you are on the right track and the person is noticing you.

In the next stage, you can attempt to do something that can draw their attention for sure. For example, you can create a custom graphic with their quote and send them on their birthday. You can also give a genuine response to their questions and comment on their articles.

The next stage starts with communicating with them through their email. Once you leave valuable comments and try to initiate conversations with the blogger, they can know that you want to build an online relationship with them. Sending an email is a direct and more personal way to establish a relationship.

Here, you need some patience and cool approach because you may either get their response lately or may not get any response at all. In both these conditions, you should not lose hope and keep commenting on their articles. Also, make sure that the conversation remains between you and the blogger only.

Longer and more consistent effort always works well when it comes to making friends online with fellow bloggers. However, this is not a sure-shot tip and you may not get a response from many bloggers for your efforts. But, whenever you will get the response from a blogger, you can have a better and healthy relationship with them. Sending personal messages or emails is the last step and you should go for it after considering various factors and circumstances.

You can study social pages, websites, and blogs to know more about your favorite bloggers or influencers. You need to have a good knowledge of their activities before starting a conversation with them.

9. Give more

It is found that in the US alone, more than one person does blogging in every 10 people. Therefore, it is possible that you can find more bloggers than you expect for every niche. In such a situation, the healthy competition prevails in the blogging world.

How can you get succeeded in gaining the trust of fellow bloggers? Well, it’s simple if you give more than you take. When you give due credit to the source and appreciate the other bloggers’ efforts, your efforts will certainly be appreciated. You can have a group of many bloggers and readers soon that remains active in sharing your comment and spreading your thoughts.

You may find this hard initially, but once you get used to it, you will realize how worth it is to remain engaged with people on social media. For example, Pinterest is a great resource for discovering new bloggers. You can find aspiring bloggers with the help of keywords for your niche.


Once you find such bloggers, you can start commenting on the specific section of Pinterest and utilize the new direct messaging option. Here, the benefit is- compared to other social media platforms, Pinterest has got fewer comments, and therefore, your comment can easily be stand out. You may get a faster response from the blogger as well through it as compared to other platforms.

10. Active engagement is necessary

You may not be a social media freak, but at least, you should stay connected with your fellow bloggers and readers almost all the time. Whatever social media channel you like, you can make a group of your friends and readers to actively participate. You can comment on the blogger’s posts, ask them questions, guide them, and help your readers through such groups. What’s more, you can send people emails directly to let them know how your blogs can remain helpful in solving their issues and give them insights about the specific niche.

Also, you can appreciate the fellow blogger’s work through emails and give them suggestions. You can also seek favor to spread your blogs through emails to influencers and leading bloggers.
Some of the popular bloggers and influencers have given these top tips that are simple to implement and capable of getting a wonderful result.

Where can you find fellow bloggers?

Well, it’s damn easy in today’s social media-driven age. Apart from social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and Tweeter, you can find bloggers on LinkedIn, and even on your favorite blogs. We have already mentioned how you can find people across various social media platforms and leverage their benefits. You can make friends with genuine people who regularly comment on your blogs as well. Friends and followers of other bloggers can also be your online friends.

That’s it for now. Just implement these tips and find your friends in a thriving bloggers’ community. Don’t forget to mention how much you like this post in the comments section.

Happy Blogging!

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