Why You Should Invest in Blogging? The Importance of Blogging

If you are a company or a brand selling services and products online, you must have come across the idea and suggestions for starting your company blog or starting a blog for your business. But before anyone jumps the bandwagon, we need to first understand why blogging is so important.

Many people see blogging as a hobby and not something that can make tremendous changes in the online world. In today’s era, blogging has been evolved into something a lot more than just a hobby.

Today, blogging is being used by many great and small companies and has grown into full customer acquisition and sales-boosting technique which has revolutionized the mainstream marketing and sales-boosting solutions.

If you have an online presence of your business, then you need to work on your company’s blog. When you will do that, you will see the difference and the potential of the blogging and what it can do to your sales.

But, before we do that, we need to understand why you should be blogging and why blogging is so important in today’s era specifically. And to understand why this is crucial, we need to address the original purpose of the Internet – Knowledge sharing.

Typically, a user visits a website because they find it interesting. This might seem too simple and silly at first but if any marketer has this issue with a constructive viewpoint, that will see what they were missing out on. If your website has no engaging content to retain and convert your user, there is no point of applying other marketing techniques and driving traffic to your website. This is more important for websites which sell products or services.

Having an active and well-written blog will give your website rich content, and on the other hand, your other marketing techniques will work in a much better way.

Let’s see how having a regularly updated blog can do wonders for your business.

Importance Of Blogging

Blogging Boosts Traffic

Blogging is a powerful weapon when you are targeting to increase the traffic on your website and not just traffic; it helps in bringing organic traffic which is the best portion of audience you can ever target.

When you post regularly on your blog, then you will see that your blog is making a difference as you will see a staggering rise in your traffic. Simply putting out words in an article is not the trick here. You need to plan out your content like storytelling and other aspects for the blog constructively.

If you are simply putting out random blogs or articles, you probably will start to fetch various kinds of traffic that will not serve anything to your business. If you go and publish blogs around your business and then later link those articles to your business or simply plug in your product somewhere in the middle or at the end.
How blogging drives more traffic?
Well, when you blog for your business, it does many things that start bringing in readers and viewers.

First of all, blogging gives your business a voice or the brand image. With the blog, you can talk with your readers, and that will build more trust in the user’s mind. This helps the company in opening up with their readers.

In today’s world, people also want to know about the company behind the product. Simply having a product that delivers is not enough and having a company image that does not engage with its users is not something that will work with today’s generation.

Keywords have a major role in blogging as it helps in bringing relevant traffic to your website. Researching keywords that target your desired audience is the key to successful blogging. If you include keywords in your blogs which are relevant throughout your content, it will help increase your webpage ranking and thus presenting your content to more readers.

Blogging Builds Authority

Blogging in any particular industry is widely attributed with knowledge in that industry. If you have a blog which talks about all the aspects of the industry, then your blog will rebrand you as the expert in your field.

The blog becomes your platform for sharing industry-related problems and that in turn builds your authority.

When you become the go-to website for any issue related to that particular industry, it helps in breeding trust and familiarity, keeping you always on your reader’s minds when they want to buy any product or simply want to resolve a query.

Support Your Social Media Campaigns

It is really difficult to maintain a social media presence, and that too without access to unique, and high-quality content becomes a great challenge.

You can always share other people’s content on your social media account and keep your social image alive, but at some point, you will want to redirect those users to your own website. Having a blog will clear up many channels for that problem.

You can plan out your content and can do the social media campaigns according to your brand’s image. This will bring more traffic to your website and will give your connections on your social platforms more insights about the content you are sharing.

Humanizing a Brand

“Humanizing” is like giving a personified image of your business to your readers. When you start blogging on your website, you basically start “talking” with your users and readers. This gives a sense of trust and willingness of the users to connect with the brand.

With blogging, you can talk about the areas and topics that your users and prospects want to talk about. You can use this platform to answer all those queries and bring your prospects closer to the brand.

You can talk about many things such as the environment you have in your workplace, the kind of work ethics that you follow, talk about your employees and their achievements, things you are doing that are making this world a better place.

All this will give a voice to your brand and will bring your prospects closer to the product.

Creating Inbound Links

Link building is a huge part of the SEO gameplay for any online business. The part of link building and creating high-quality links that point towards the business is a huge part of the SEO plan. This works for both the things, creating backlinks for better SEO score and if you can get other brands to talk about you then you are getting the popularity as well.

Instead of having just a simple link anywhere in the blog, having a whole article talking about you will do wonders to your brand and that too on and above the SEO part of the marketing.

On the other hand, when it comes to your brand, having a blog with super useful content will automatically start fetching inbound link as your blog will become a useful resource for other blogs to link to. This can generate significant referral traffic back to your site.

Adds to Your Longtail Search Ranking

When you have more content on your website, you feed more data to search engines and that way, you get a chance to fetch more visitors from the combination of keywords that are longer in length but are specific in nature. Typically your website can definitely rank for your business-specific keywords like “Jackson’s garage” but will have more difficult time in ranking for more specific serches like “How to jumpstart your car battery with another car”.

One and only solution to this is having more and more content on your website. This way you will be able to fetch all those potential users.

Also, with the rise in voice-assisted search facilities like voice search in Google has resulted in longer and more specific queries as the user tend to feel more comfortable in speaking out the words rather than typing them. Simply make sure that your blog is putting regular content and targeting all the keywords related to your business.

Creates Valuable Discussion

When you blog on your website’s blog whether it be on the brand’s behalf or directly from you, it will always create valuable discussion and will give your users more insights of your business and your products and thus helping you in creating more converting users.

Having a blog about your brand or product signals directly to your customer that you are open to discussions, feedback, and even criticisms.

This gives an open space for networking on your website, and at the same time, it gives you the feedback of the user’s of your blogging practice as well as your product. This feedback of the product will be the goldmine of any marketing team regardless it being positive or negative.

Increase Leads

We have already talked about how blogging can increase traffic to your website. But blogging helps in increasing leads is a slightly different story.

When you blog, you simply put out more useful content on your website which will be read by multiple readers. This helps in making people more familiar with your brand and your product.

Do remember that a product does not need to be a physical product or a piece of software. If you are running a blog, it can be your product or your selling point.

You can promote your own blog with the power of blogging. Many great marketers now have a blog with their own name such as Neil Patel. The main focus of these blogs are to share content and just because of the content quality, they are able to fetch pretty good amount of visitors.

In simple language, If you have more content, you will have more people visiting your website. And more relevant and organic visitors means more leads and higher conversion rate via submission forms, opt-ins, etc. Having random traffic will do nothing to your business but having targeted audience visiting your blog will make a great impact on your business’s performance.

Jump in your Conversion Rate

Since you are blogging on your company’s blog, you will eventually start fetching fresh new visitors on your website from the blog channel. These visitors when coming to your blog, will introduce your brand as well as your authority in the industry.

With a proper introduction to the product or the service, you are offering you can easily convert a visitor into your customer. When you publish a good conversion optimized post, you will see the results for yourself.

Another aspect regarding the conversion rate is that when your company’s blog is active, your visitors see that the company is alive, well performing, and are actually reaching out to their readers. This gives a better score when it comes to credibility and trust building in the minds of the users which gives the users that last push required for making a purchase of your product.

If the company has a blog page, but is not actively updated or regularly posted on, then it is better to not have a blog page on your company’s website. Doing this will only create suspicions in users’ minds and will only harm the company’s image in the eyes of the users. Check out these blogging problems that you should never make.

Also, it has been proved that the companies that have an active blog page have witnessed 13 times increase in their returns on investments, year after year.


Final Thoughts!

Well, when it comes to bringing traffic to a website of any business, a blog page is mostly the first response of any marketer. It is simply because bringing in traffic is simply one of the many benefits that you can have with your blog in place.

By putting in your own unique thoughts and ideas, you grow your business alongside your audience. I hope you got the answer to your question, “Is blogging needed?” and hopefully after digesting all these points, you will be able to make a more informed decision about creating your own blog page and populating it with quality content.

So share this article if you find this useful!

Which benefit of blogging you found most convincing? Comment it down below!

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