Managing Your Freelance To-Do List While Working with Multiple Projects

A day in the life of a freelance web designer can be a real whirlwind. Without ever leaving your desk, you might be working on dozens of sites, writing several proposals and still find time to network on social media.

My point is, in this career, you are going to go through several times where you are so busy that you aren’t sure how you are going to get it all done. But how?

A list helps you organize your workload, which is especially helpful when you’re working on multiple projects simultaneously. But don’t just jot notes down on Post-Its and loose papers: manage your to-do list. If you manage those tasks, your lists will help you navigate even the most stressful waters.

Let’s take a look at a few things you can do to better manage those busy times.

3 Steps To-Do List While Working with Multiple Projects

  1. Use a Project Management System Online/Offline
  2. Make/Schedule Time for Each and Every Project
  3. Seek or Get Professional Help to speed up work

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed with work as a freelancer. After all, in many cases, it’s just you sitting at that desk with a mountain of work to finish (or start).

“A good old ‘To Do List’ helps a lot. I have a weekly list written every Monday which I then break down into daily tasks according to urgency. It helps a lot and lessens stress especially if you are working on multiple projects.

“I create folders for each client on my computer and cloud. It helps to avoid digging into tons of files. I also take time to declutter and delete unnecessary files at least every 3 months.”
— Yhang Rhea

Make sure you have good ‘Work Space‘ as well. If you’re working on the kitchen table, surrounded by roommates, your spouse, or your children, then you’re never fully concentrating on your work. You’re only adding to your stress.

You’ll get to enjoy that moment when you can officially remove a task from your list. And you won’t be in a panic when it’s time to add a new one.

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