14 Reasons Why Nobody Reads Your Blog?

The concept of sharing a thought or notion has been the building block of learning and education but this is just a very small part of what content or ideas are capable of.

In today’s era, starting a blog is one of the most popular methods of sharing a thought or an idea but most of the time beginner bloggers worry more about having few or no readers on their blog before even starting a blog.

You too may have asked “Why nobody reads my blogs?” several times, yet failed to get a constructive answer to this simple question.

If you are still looking for a reasonable answer, your search ends here. Here I have listed the most popular reasons that affect the traffic on your blog.

I am sure with this list you will be able to understand the problem regarding your blog traffic.


1. Content and Planning

Starting off any task requires preparation and planning and if you have not done it well, you might want to reconsider.

Now before you get mad to think it through, have you given it as much thought as you would have given if you were supposed to open a shop near your home?

  • What do you want to sell?
  • Is it a good idea to sell that product in your area?
  • Will you be able to have a constant supply of said product?
  • How will you generate profit out of it?
  • Will you dedicate adequate time to the shop daily?
  • Will your shop have something different from the other shops?

So, did you answer similar questions like this before starting your blog? If yes, I am sure you are right on track. If not, you need to do this beforehand. 

The challenge is that most of us don’t think that blogging will require much effort, and that is exactly where most of us are wrong.

Go back to the drawing board and ask yourself questions that would require your decisions, then work on those step-by-step.


2. Help, Entertain, Educate

People reach out to blogs because they need something out of it, and that something is where you fall behind others and your blog gets no traffic.

The purpose of your blogs must be clear and it should be something your targeted reader is willing to read.

Ask yourself how you are impacting your readers. Was your blog helpful or are your visitors still wondering what to do?

Do they feel like commenting on your blog? Were they just skimming through the blog?

Write to serve others and you will be on the right track.


3. Settle on a Niche

You are very excited to write, many ideas flow through your mind and you miss a simple yet important element.

Many beginners make this mistake of writing on any topic they please, making the blog all confusing for your readers as well as for Google.

If you are a legal writer then don’t publish a lifestyle blog. Just keep it simple and cover all other categories of your niche but stick to your topic. This is very necessary for boosting your blog in the early stages.

It would become easier day-by-day for you to write on that topic and the quality of the content will also go up.

Readers will have a better time and you will build enough audience to further your career. Google will get to know your blog and will send the right audience and traffic towards you.

Also, don’t think about starting another blog if you have several interests, focus all your efforts on the best topic you can write. Remind yourself the point that you must generate content for your audience regularly which must attract them.


4. Zero Promotion

Another popular error bloggers make is that they write a blog, publish it and wait for the fame and money to knock on their door while they sip tea while admiring their own awe.

The funny thing is almost everyone made this rookie mistake at some point in their career.

So to be clear just publishing a blog will not take you to your destination. You must further promote your blog on several social media sites.

Share your blog like anything. Remember you are here to sell your product and if it stays hidden in a closed room that won’t be possible.

Hesitation will kill your efforts.

Be proud of what you are doing and promote your blogs once you hit the publish button. If you are looking for ways to promote a blog, you can check here.


5. Allocate adequate attention

A blog is just like any other firm or business. You must give it your proper attention. Your blog cannot grow with minimal attention. Most people quit early thinking it is not generating any traffic and they don’t even turn around to see what a blunder they were doing.

You can now say that this is a total lie, you were very much involved in the blog and you were thinking about what to do how to do and how to generate traffic.

Remember this, thinking about your blog and constantly brooding over the problems is not the same as giving it proper attention. Even thinking about the solutions will not help you out.

The only solution to this is to execute your plans. Stop brooding. Try something and if that doesn’t work, try something else.

If you write on travel and you are not having many readers then maybe research on the popular places to visit and write on those places to bring in the traffic, or if you are a formal legal writer you could tone down your style from a formal to a casual/humorous one to check if that fits better with an average Joe.

Many don’t get this but maintaining a blog requires many trials and errors. The more you allocate time to your blog the more experience you will get from your research.


6. Your website is dull and unorganized

We all have said, “Sorry for the mess” to our guests at least once while inviting them in our homes.

I hope this could solve the issue with your website too but it doesn’t work like that.

Your site must be snappy and well organized, it should not bombard your viewers with a hundred ads. Ads must be relevant and not interrupt the visitors.

For designing the blog, you can use the Blog Designer plugin which lets you design your blog with predesigned layouts and you get to customize them further easily without the requirement of coding.

You can check out the blog designer plugin here.


7. You have just started your journey

Managing and maintaining a blog is not an easy or quick task by any means. This has to be hardwired through your brain.

Treat it as a job or a start-up with pre-defined working hours allotted to your blog. Nine out of ten start-ups fail and the reason is simple, they stop putting in effort after a month or so.

Usually, people have heard how profitable it is to earn through a blog. They have read every article describing the success of a blogger but what most miss out is how persistent they were to reach where they are now.

No matter what you read or how much research you do, it will take time to get traffic on your blog and till that time you must focus on your content instead of brooding over analytics.

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8. You have mediocre content

This is not a huge issue as every single person faces this problem. Every skill you acquire is honed by practice and writing is one of them.

You cannot expect to write appealing content from the get-go, you have to go through the learning curve gaining experience with each blog post.

Also, try to write longer blogs. It has been seen that longer blogs are trending much more than shorter ones. This year it was seen that about 2000 word articles ranked better than the ones with fewer words.

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If you keep at it and push yourself into learning new and creative ways to write then bingo, you are on the right path.

That said don’t go overboard with this one too and force yourself to make the ultimate blog possible before publishing. You will just wear yourself out with so much thinking, let the creative in you come out naturally.


9. The blog has no structure

Have you heard of the H1, H2, H3 structure of which H1 being the title of the blog? Yeah, that’s what you need to focus your attention on.

The sequence should be kept and structure should be maintained. The good thing is this requires little effort to pull off as all the info related to the structure and fundamentals of a blog are easily accessible to us on our fingertips.

This helps with the SEO for the blog as well.


10. You are very inconsistent with your blog publishing

Remember how we talked about you being serious. This is where it all comes down to.

You have written an amazing content and have been keeping up with the latest trends. Keywords are all correct, yet the random publishing and activity from your blog will confuse your readers as well as search engines.

You simply cannot pop up when you please and start bombarding your readers with content. There has to be a routine and consistency with your activity.

Now, this does not mean post every single day to maintain a routine instead have three to four blogs per week with of course no decline in quality.

Some experts believe time management in this industry is the single most crucial factor in making and breaking a blog. This has to be specifically said here because how a blogger thinks or rather a beginner blogger thinks is that he/she is free of all bounds and is his/her own boss. Work from home is so easy.

This mentality has doomed so many and just like any other job if you are slacking behind you are losing money.


11. Don’t take headlines lightly

Did you know only 2 out of 10 people click on an attractive title meaning the title convinces only 20% of the total browsers to read the rest of the article?

So if you are not concentrating on your heading then it won’t matter if you are a good content creator or not.

Bring something up which is specific, and true to the blog. Readers must feel like they got their answer or feel contended with what they read.

Don’t lie in the title to bring in traffic just stay true and develop a catchy title like:

  •   Don’t invest in Public sector and here’s why
  •   12 Reasons Why Your Investment Failed
  •   Everything You Need to Know About Passive Income
  •   Top 10 Must Visit Places at This Time of the Year

Play with the title and experiment, it will help you grow and adapt to attract a wider range of audiences.


12. Your content is out of place

This will be the most shocking factor as your niche may just be not what people want to read about.

It was harsh, I know but again this is also a mistake many famous bloggers have faced. Your style and outlook on the content might be amazing but it may just not be trendy enough to be relevant.

This could be because you are writing with old, outdated info which readers have already read, discussed and concluded, like a topic on air pollution with the same content telling everyone the harm it does and what to do as a precaution.

Don’t get me wrong this can be used as one of the most trendy topics but only if the readers have something fresh and new which they have not read from any other source.

In the end, it all comes down to how much research you can do and how attractive you can make it for the readers.


13. Don’t copy other people’s style

Somewhat debatable as you get inspired by others and want to write like them. There is nothing wrong in that the problem arises when you cannot develop your own style for a long time.

The other person may have adapted to the style or it may be his/her own unique way of talking and sharing. Understand it like each person’s handwriting or accent. It looks and sounds amazing but the person delivering is the key element in making it that much amazing.

Try to converse with your readers in a way you do with others around you and in a way that can be kept consistent by you.


14. You don’t use keywords properly

How did you find this blog? You might have searched it on a search engine with something along the lines of “Why no one reads my blog” or “how to generate traffic to my blog”.

These words are keywords to finding such blogs and these apply to all websites on the internet.

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Keywords are the single most important element which boosts traffic. The way Google works is it takes people through relevant websites according to the search words of the user. Only the most relevant websites are shown in this case.

Now for your blog to rank, you must have Google’s approval which can be done by having correct keywords to prove that your blog is genuine and it contains the matter the user is searching for.

Let us assume you are working on your food blog, now if you write “cinnamon pancakes recipe” this will work fine but it is still not quite there. That is because it is a somewhat generic title and there are several websites already using that keyword.

Try to upgrade it to a specific and targeted name like “Cinnamon raspberry pancake with sugar syrup recipe”. Now, this comes out above others quite easily and thus it will be easier for people to find the desired recipe.

Always be specific and ask yourself the question, how can I make the title and content alluring with the right keywords to attract the readers and thus by taking care of this the visitors would finally enjoy that delicious meal with your help.

Another tip is that you should not overdo the keywords as Google hates it and it will bring down the trust factor for your blog. So, an adequate and correct keyword is a big YES and too many a big NO.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the key elements you must keep in mind while working towards your blog. The simple fact is that you must be consistent and persistent in what you are doing and what you have decided to do.

A blog does not get traffic in a day or two, it takes a few months and constant dedication to achieve the audience you require. 

Always keep your goal to help the reader and not any other monetary reason. The more you focus on helping and sharing the more audience will follow you.

Keep your content casual and friendly so that it can reach out to a large audience.

Never hesitate to promote your blog, be proud of your work.

What do you think would be the reason for getting less traffic on your blog? Did you found the solution to the problem you were looking for?

Let me know by commenting your thoughts below!

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