Why You Should Use Blog Designer Plugin for Your WordPress Website?

Everyone wants to make their blog page attractive but not all get the success in it.

What makes your blog page look dull?

There are lots of reasons a blog page could be less-than-perfect. Poor formatting and styling, Poor grammar, Poor word choice, Poor share-ability.

The most pervasive problem? Poor formatting and styling. 

Luckily, we have a simple solution for your problems. Before diving headfirst into designing your blog page, you can create an outline. You may prefer to switch up some of the steps depending on your writing style, but your end goal should always be to get an outline detailed enough that its result is a cohesive, logical piece. Here’s one solution you can try for your WordPress website – Blog Designer plugin.

5 reasons why you need to use Blog Designer plugin for your WordPress blog.

1. Beautify your blog post titles and featured image

This is the most crucial step of this entire blog page design. You want to have a clear understanding of what you’re going to write before you start outlining.

Blog Designer gives you a capability to decorate and highlight it with a variety of style options including unlimited background colors. Just switch your template and you will get a new design/layout for your post’s featured image presentation. You can make it eye catchy later also.

Beautify your blog posts

2. Option for post meta selection

Post meta can attract more readers as it provides some data about a blog. eg. some reader prefer to read particular author’s posts.

Using Blog Designer plugin you can show or hide post metadata as per your choice. Following is a list of post meta options:

  • Display Post Category
  • Display Post Tag
  • Display Post Author
  • Display Post Date
  • Display Post Comment Count
  • Display Likes

3. Increase share-ability with every blog post

Now, take the new ideas and spread them globally but it is not easy. Also, its time consuming to copy paste URL and share on social media.

So, if you are writing a post about any topic and want to get more readers from Social media sites using social share then we already have another solution – Square and Circle shape social share buttons.

social share buttons

4. Add more style and colors to decorate blog sections

The first impression is the last impression. If your blog is well formatted then definitely users will get interested to read it. There are a number of options under “Content Settings” that provides the facility to decorate your blog contents, give a limit to them and beautify “Read More” link.

5. Revise, edit and reorganize your blog page

Now comes the fun part; editing your blog page with Blog Designer settings. You’re tightening up your blog page settings to include only the most relevant information.

And that’s it! Once you have a solid panel of Blog Designer options, writing the actual post should be a breeze.

I have cleared my points about why to use blog designer plugin for your WordPress website. Blog Designer plugin which is available for free on wordpress.org.

Blog Designer Lite WordPress Plugin

We always try to enhance our plugins and add more features, as a result of continuous efforts of our team at Solwin Infotech we have launched pro version of Blog Designer plugin.

Let’s take a tour of Blog Designer PRO

Blog Designer free version is a blog page template solution to decorate your blog page and we just added more values and features with our free version and launched its outcome as Blog Designer PRO version.

Blog Designer PRO

Now we can say, Blog Designer PRO is a complete solution to get total control of your blog posts with your WordPress website. Because it’s available for blog listing page as well as for single blog page(post page). Isn’t it great?

Key Features Of Blog Designer PRO:

  • 40+ Different and Unique Blog Templates
  • Custom Post Type Support
  • Live Preview
  • Multiple Blog Shortcodes
  • Color Preset to Start with Default Colors
  • Typography Settings for Post title, Post content, etc.
  • Custom CSS
  • More Social Share Options

The list is longer but to introduce it’s enough and we insist you to check this plugin once. You won’t regret.

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