15+ Effective Writing Tips for Beginner Bloggers

Here are 15+ proven writing tips for bloggers that will help you create great blog content, improve the quality of your posts and get you more readers.

Blogs are a popular source of information on the Internet. It has been used for expressing oneself, helping others get answers, entertainment, building communities, and many more purpose. Right now, there are billions of blogs on the web, and millions more are written each year. The market is filled with bloggers, and thus, there comes a need of being better than others to be recognized.

As a result, you must focus on delivering great blog posts to compete with others who probably have more experience than you. But don’t worry about this factor as no matter how many bloggers there are, writing on the same niche, your content can always come on top if you write a great blog post.

Content has always been king, and when you focus your attention on the quality and structure of your blog; you will become a successful blogger.

Therefore, I will show you the tips for writing great blog posts which will surely change the way you plan, think, and write your blogs.

1. Pick the Right Niche

One of the essential decisions when starting a blog is to decide the topic around which you will write. Firstly, you must focus on the topic which you are comfortable with. There are a plethora of topics that a large audience wants to read about, so digging up something relevant is quite simple.

Your topic could be anything related to

  • Technology
  • Lifestyle
  • Health
  • Fashion
  • Science
  • Guide
  • How To
  • Travel
  • Finance
  • Banking
  • Stock Market
  • Events

Such topics are quite popular, and you can even go deeper into such topics to pick a specific niche. For instance, you could write about luxury hotels if your blog revolves around traveling. Also, writing about nutritious edibles under health topics.

To clarify, you must put a lot of time planning out what you can write in your niche. If it is a technical niche, you must be well prepared to write. Therefore, many people who want to start with a technical blog use their knowledge from their studies.

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One huge mistake some make is that they tend to go for multiple niches at the same time, and this is not a very good practice. Consequently, It will confuse your audience, and people would not be able to find your blogs in search results easily.

2. Know your Audience Base

Focus and decide who will be your target audience. For instance, you could be writing on “Jobs for Freshers”, “Universities for Students”, thus you know the age group of 18-26 would be your main audience. The advice you give and the language you use should be targeted towards your main audience so they can relate better with your blogs.

Moreover, the target audience does not always mean people of specific age-group; it also means people with similar interests. For example, a blog about cars would interest a lot of people from kids to the elderly.

Choosing a niche and knowing your audience goes hand-in-hand. As a result, the products or services which you would recommend will also be decided by knowing who is reading your blogs.

When you know your audience, you can research what is trending in the community and what the people are demanding.

3. A Good Structure

Your blogs must have a logical and systematic structure. Firstly, it must start with an intro to let the reader know what to expect from the blog.

Secondly, it should have headings to separate the content into small parts so that the readers could find the point which is most relevant to them.

Thirdly, have a conclusion to summarise what was discussed and how to use further the information provided in the blog.

Readers usually skim through the blogs to get to the parts they want information about, so separating the subject and structuring it makes it visually appealing and practical for the readers to use and read.

4. Be Consistent

Regular content generation is a major factor in the success of a blog. Consequently, many people stop after a month or two of starting a blog site as it is quite difficult to generate regular content. This is an obvious reaction as if you don’t get recognized for your hard work and don’t get any reward; you tend to lose interest. But believe this.

Blogging is a long term business.

guest travel blogging

Therefore, it is highly unlikely that one gets success from blogging for a few months. It requires a lot of trial, error, and experimentation. Moreover, the experience you require to get to know what people want and what people read can only be achieved after spending some time on the battleground of blogging.

Also, the audience expects your content when it has timely publishing. Keeping a schedule for your blogs will certainly help you in the management of your blog site. So, just start normal but be regular.

5. Use Effective Headings and Titles

A headline is the very first thing of your blog, which interacts with the person. In other words, it is what will make them click on your blog in the first place. Therefore, it is one of the main factors which you have to keep in mind.

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A heading should be attractive, promising, and honest.

A person searches for answers or his interests, and when those two are easily seen on the title of the blog, then he would want to click on it. Similarly, if the title is a catchy and attractive one, then it is quite difficult to resist the urge to click on the blog.

For instance,

  • 5 Simple Steps to Change your Mood
  • Don’t trade shares before Reading these Policy Changes
  • Ultimate Guide to Learn Ethical Hacking
  • Top 10 Major Jobs to Apply for as a Fresher

Keywords are essential when writing a title as they will make sure that your blog is easily searchable. Use Google Trends to see which words are popular, and using those words could give you the best results. It will show you what people usually search for. Moreover, you could compare multiple words and see which are more popular amongst people, and thus you can have the edge over your competitors.

Writing tips trends

In short, you must play around and build a headline that has both essential keywords and catchy phrases. These will ensure that the search engines show your result amongst others and the people seeing your blog title click on your blog.

6. Write SEO Optimized Content

SEO optimization is a factor that helps your blog to be found by people when they search their queries on search engines. Further, search engines like Google and Bing have complex algorithms to give the best results to the people searching for their queries. These algorithms are designed for the best outcome as both the hard workers are rewarded. To clarify, people get what they searched for, and bloggers get the audience.

So, it gets very important that your website is well optimized to rank in search results. Consequently, you can take care of this by making your blog readable and well structured. For Instance, the use of headings like H1, H2, H3 in your blogs is essential to achieve a systematic structure to your blog.

Moreover, you should use keywords in your blog, which you want your blog to rank on. To clarify, keywords are the words that a person uses on a search engine to find the relevant content. For instance, If a person searches “cheapest travel plans”, then all the relevant articles and links will show up, and all of those have these keywords on their website.

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Try to put it multiple times in your blog but don’t overdo it. Search engines don’t like that either, they have to be in a sweet spot of around 6-9 times in your blog.

Backlinks are another way through which you can make your website rank in search results. They are links to your blog on other people’s websites. As a result, this gives authenticity and relevance to your website, and this is highly valued by search engines.

You could hire an SEO expert, or you could also use Yoast SEO to help you in optimizing your website.

7. Time Management

Managing time will make you become a better blogger. Many bloggers have a day job and have to manage a lot in a day. This is to say, to handle both, time management is a true and sure method. Firstly, start keeping track of all your procrastination. When waiting for a bus or your ride, brainstorm all the blog titles for your blog to use afterward.

Search for keywords, Images, and facts at any free-time of the day so that you can focus on writing at the designated time of writing.

Further, don’t waste your time dwelling upon your website’s analytics. Getting an audience to read your blogs takes time and effort, so focus on your work. Everything will become a well-oiled machine when you start to make proper schedules for your day.

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Use Toggl, which is a free time tracking website, to know where you are slacking so you can improve on those areas. It will help you to analyze your activities when you are sitting to write your blog post.

writing notes

Moreover, you can keep a notebook, or you could use Evernote to keep track of all your thoughts and ideas in one place. Subsequently, this has a huge benefit as inspiration can strike at any time. So, be prepared to jot down any thoughts which may help your blog writing.

8. Images and Videos

Media is one of the most appealing sources of spreading information. Therefore, this, combined with the written content, shows amazing results. A reader gets to connect with the content more easily with the help of an image.

A blog describing a country could use a visual medium to get a picture in the reader’s mind about the place while reading. Similarly, an infographic can be used to show statistics in a concise and readable manner. Further, if the blogger is covering a story of an event; then a short video of the same could let the reader absorb the blog in a much better way.

If you are a travel blogger, then it is a must to add images or videos or both to your blogs as it is the meat and potatoes of your blog. Likewise, a technical blog on “How to change ram on your PC” could use some images showing the procedure.

In short, use images and videos in your blog post to make them more visually appealing to your audience. Use royalty-free images from Unsplash or Pixabay so that you don’t get any problems in the future for using the images.

9. Learn the Platform

Learning about the platform requires hard work, but the reward is huge. When you properly learn the platform, you get to make adjustments; thus, you can deliver the content the way you had imagined in your mind. It gives you the freedom to experiment and then evolve your content.

wordpress platform

Moreover, you can use different tools of the platform to make your work easy and quick. Hiring an expert is also a good plan to handle all the technical aspects. But, still, you must have a good knowledge of how the content is shown and what you could do with it.

WordPress, Blogger, Medium has several plugins to make your blogging easier.

10. Follow Latest Trends

If you are writing on old or repetitive topics, then it might not attract many readers. Keeping up with the latest trends in your niche is one of your jobs. Further, the community built around your niche is something that can help you out in finding the latest trends.

Be active on social media sites and platforms to catch hold of the news.

For Instance, if you write on gadgets and a new smartphone just launched, then you should cover that. People would be searching for this in huge numbers, so use this opportunity to get the audience to your blog site. Include all the info which a person could be searching for like its specs, durability, price, etc.

Similarly, a science blogger should cover the scientific discoveries that are in the news, for the people.

Some bloggers write on certain events, and thus, it becomes their main job to focus on the trends and news around those events.

11. Promote Your Blog

A blog cannot attract much audience on its own, especially in the modern era of the Internet. People have a lot of content to go through. Youtube gets 300 hours of content uploaded every minute, 95 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram each day, with all the content it becomes very important for a blogger to promote his blog to come out of all the pile of content on the net and be visible to the people.

writing tips

You also get the opportunity to communicate with your audience on social media platforms. This is highly essential to build a healthy community around your blog. Your audience wants to interact with you and other people; people want to discuss the topic. When there is a regular notification about your publishing, it will grab people’s attention, and they would want to know what your blog is about.

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You could also use quotes or paragraphs from the blog, which could potentially attract people and urge them to read the whole thing.

As soon as you publish a blog, post it on social media, and send a notification to your email list. As a result, you will get the traffic rolling on your latest blog. It is faster than waiting for it to be noticed by the audience.

12. Research is Crucial

A quality blog attracts the audience and gives the best return on your work. You cannot know everything, so you must research your niche and topic as much as possible to provide your readers with the best source of all the information in one place.

Keep a list of good websites where you can usually find information relevant to your niche. For example, if you are writing on a solution to a programming problem, then you could use Stackoverflow to get the info.

For a travel blogger who focuses on UNESCO world heritage sites, he will have to follow their website and social media accounts to get the necessary info.

Similarly, a lifestyle blogger could use the help of a yoga instructor to get some tips for his blog. Knowledge can be acquired from several sources, and quality content is generated through these. If you want to compete in the market, you must bring in as much useful content as possible.

Ask your audience what they want to learn about. Your audience could help you in separating relevant and irrelevant information. They can also tell how much detail they want about a topic. This is a great way to put your efforts in the right direction without wasting energy and time.

13. Make Helping Your Priority

Write with a motive to help people and give them solutions to their queries. People search with a motive, they may want to entertain themselves, or they could need help, so your purpose of blogging should revolve around these.

A blogger with a money-minded ideology will usually give up in the middle of the journey of blogging because blogs don’t bear fruit in the early stage, that easily. Only when a person is passionate about the niche and helping others, he can maintain his blog site.

This purpose will encourage bloggers to find new topics to write on; he will think about the needs of people. For instance, a new law could confuse a person, and you could help him get the info he needs. In the same manner, a person searching for a health insurance policy could use your help in deciding the best policy for himself.

To come up with a topic think in the same way a person in need would be thinking. What would he want? Where to find that? How to achieve this? All such questions must be answered in your blog. This will help you get hold of the audience much easier.

14. Check for Grammar and Spelling Mistakes

No one likes to read incorrect and Incomprehensible content. A reader can only focus on something when it makes sense to him, and when he sees mistakes in a text, he will simply frown upon the content and jump to another blog.

Mistakes in your blog make you and your work look bad and unprofessional. Your content could be original and informative, but there is no use if no one can understand what is written.

Grammar and spelling are also important for search engines as they will not rank your site if it has wrong and incomprehensible content.

Always check grammar and spelling by re-reading as well as by using software like Grammarly, Reverso, Language Tool, etc.

grammarly tips writing

15. Proofread your Writing

Every blog needs proofreading; this is the procedure that will check the quality of your blog and make it look professional after you are done with the procedure. Always keep in mind that your blog must be easily readable; it must contain simple vocabulary and short sentences.

Moreover, read your blog thoroughly to ensure that it makes sense and no points contradict one another. Further, be highly critical of your writing while proofreading, this will help you understand your mistakes and help you grow as a blogger.

Take advice from other bloggers or experts to become a better editor of your blogs.

16. Collaborate with Experts

The best way to learn is from the other experts in your niche. You can understand their strategy, structure, planning, and implementing them on your blogs. They could give you tips to boost traffic or even give backlinks to your blogs.

You could ask them to guest post for your blog site; this is a really good method to learn as well as attract a new audience. Similarly, you could guest post on their site for the same results

Try to find people with the same niche as yours and contact them through social media or DMs. Get in regular contact with them and keep on building your network. Have a good and positive attitude, and in some time you will be working together with some great minds.


You probably have a good understanding of what you must do to maintain and grow your blog posts. Try to focus your attention on writing and improving your style. Give people the correct facts and well-researched content to read. Make helping your primary aim, success, and money will follow you automatically.

Learn about everything under your niche as well as your platform to give you freedom while creating content. Take care of your audience as they are what makes a blog successful.

Whether you have just started blogging or want to change your writing method, hopefully, you find these tips for writing great blog posts useful. Do let me know what are your thoughts on the tips by writing on the comment down below. If there is something which you want me to cover in detail, do let me know I would love to help you out in that.

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