How to Become a Successful Blogger? 10 Best Tips for 2021

A person in every walk of life does work, and in return, he wants to excel in his work and be successful in it. Any work or task done simply without an effort to make it successful will be a mundane task and will be not of much productivity.

Any work requires it to be done in a way that gives you a sense of accomplishment and worthiness.

It is similar in blogging too. There is a surge in the number of bloggers lately, but only a few of them can leave an impact on a large portion of the audience.

Bloggers want to attract more and more audience and want to generate larger revenue, but for this, they must ensure that they follow the right guidelines and take appropriate steps.

There is no hard and fast rule for this, it’s just a person should take care of certain things.

Your blog is considered successful if it fulfills the below-listed criteria:

  • Flourishing audience engagement
  • Greater revenue generation
  • Good traffic
  • SEO-friendly

Blogging is like any other business, which requires to maintain its position in the market and be able to produce a large revenue.

But no need to worry or ponder about “how to flourish in blogging business”. One just needs to take care of some minor things that will help them improve their blogging game.

Here are some tips that can help you improve your blogging game and can help you become a successful blogger.

10 Tips For Becoming A Successful Blogger


1. Content of your Blog

There are a lot of bloggers out there, and all of them write several blogs, but what you must take care of should be the type of content you are writing in your blog.

Your content should be up to date, and it should be able to provide a solution to the problem that a large number of masses were looking for.

Statistics and numbers in content play a very important role in proving authenticity to your blog. The readers want to know why one of your points has so much value to them and why they must trust and follow the information provided by you. Thus numbers and statistics prove to the readers that your argument or information on something is a valid one.

The contents of your blog should be relevant for your audience, and they must feel an urge to read your blog, which eventually will ensure better audience engagement. The audience should feel that they will find solutions to their problems inside the content of your blog, or they should have a trust that they will be informed about any appropriate topic after reading your blog.

Good content is the master card for any blogger and to be successful in the game, here as in blogging, one must play the master card well.

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Good content is what drives the audience.

Try that your blog should be evergreen in nature as if the content of your blog should be able to attract the audience over and over different periods.

If the audience engages with your content, then automatically traffic will be generated, and good traffic ensures good revenue.

Hurray! Your work is successfully done then.


2. Be Consistent

Consistency is a very important key to be successful. A blogger must be consistent with his blog writing. He should determine a proper posting schedule of his blog, the schedule can be weekly, monthly, or daily.

Proper scheduling makes it easy for the readers too as they will be aware of the blog publishing, and they can check it out on time. This will ensure your traffic is at a certain level at all times.

Many bloggers are inconsistent in their writing, and as a result of this, they are also not able to engage the audience and generate more traffic. Hence they find themselves nowhere in this blogging business.

Talking about blogging business, it is a business, but many seem to think of it as a hobby or a part-time work which may or may not bear fruit. This is totally delusional thinking as blogging is a long game, it requires care and maintenance at many steps.

It will also help you to maintain your lifestyle, work, and blogging simultaneously as to be a consistent blogger, you must always think ahead of time and map out everything which you will execute.

So one should keep the consistency factor in mind.


3. Good Marketing

To write a blog and publish it on the website is one thing but to ensure that your blog gets noticed by a large number of people and to generate traffic is another but important things.

To become a successful blogger, one should try to make his work spread widely.

become a successful blogger

Marketing has become an essential tool in every sector of businesses. The ever increasing competition has made marketing even more important than ever before.

Better marketing ensures better results; thus, to stand out in any sort of business marketing is imperative.

With the ongoing trend of social media and with a large base of users on it, it is one of the most efficient and effective and powerful platforms to do marketing.

Bloggers require people in large numbers to read their blogs thus to attract those readers, it is important that the information regarding your blog or the blog itself reaches out to those people.

You can find a suitable audience for your blog on any of these social sites.

Popular Social Platforms:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Youtube


There are several ways to present your blog in different forms,  such as teaser, audio clip, video clip, story, etc., and post the same on the above mentioned social sites.

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You can upload a video of a part of your blog on youtube, and it will be able to attract the audience who are daily users of youtube. When people will see anything related to your blog, and after they like the video of it, they will automatically be redirected to read your blog.

The same is the case with any other social medial as well. It is one of the best ways to garner a large number of people.

Larger engagement of people will bring traffic to your blog, which will bring revenue in return; thus, you get successful in your blogging business.

Blogging is that type of business where your blog is a product, and you need to sell that product and generate revenue through it, thus like any other business, you need to advertise your product well to sell it.


4. Keep it Interesting

To be able to get more readers, it is necessary that you provide something through your blog that is interesting and intriguing for the readers.

Interest is one thing that pulls a human being.

Thus your blog should contain topics that are on trends, controversial, something innovative, hot topics, etc. these are some of the topics that will drive the readers.

become a successful blogger

Write about something in your blog, which is in accordance with the interest of the targeted audience.

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A blogger should be able to engage with his audience to a greater extent, and to ensure the same, he should take care of the topic, content of the blog. The blog should not be bland, mundane, and boring to read. People will read your blog more and more, once their interest is aligned with the content of your blog.

Try to be innovative, readers should feel like they will get something new to read when they look at the heading, and it should be worth reading. It will make them visit multiple times.

Your blog should not seem like a replica of thousands of similar blogs available on various sites.

It should look appealing, fresh in nature such that readers automatically show an inclination towards your blog.


5. Interesting Hashtags and Headlines

Headlines are the first thing that any person sees. So one must ensure that one’s headline should be effective and impressive. They play a big role in attracting readers.

Statistics reveal that catchy and irresistible headlines help catch the attention of readers.

Headlines should be such that a reader gets compelled to read the blog.

Use of powerful adjectives, names of famous personalities, headlines containing numbers, power words,  etc., in your headlines, catches the reader’s attention. Thus they click on such blog titles, bringing to you the traffic that is one of the pre-requisites to become a successful blogger.

The examples of some catchy headlines are as follows:

  • The biggest mystery unfolds
  • The secret to living a long and lengthy life
  • Faster than Usain Bolt
  • Life’s biggest secret revealed
  • 10 things that should be must be in your bucket list

Hashtags are very famous these days. People use hashtags more frequently than ever before. So if you present anything about your blog through an interesting hashtag that will definitely drive the targeted audience.

The social media platforms are driven largely with hashtags, so when you promote your blog through hashtags, it might encourage your readers to use that hashtag often enough to throw light on your blog.


6. Paid Promotion

It is rightly said that to be successful in any field, one has to pay the price.

This phrase has its literal meaning in the case of blogging. Paid promotions that advertise your blog makes an easy way for you to pull a targeted audience to your blog.

become a successful blogger

This does not mean you have to invest a lot of money into the advertisement. Just focus on your audience and most importantly focus on your content as these two will decide how much and where you must invest for advertisement.

For example, you could ask a well-known healthcare website to get a backlink from them to your blog about “Best vitamin tablets in the market”.

Try to connect with websites that complement your blogs and which actually feel like a part of what they are also posting. This will increase your chances of bringing in the site’s readers, and many of them might start following you too.

People spend a lot of time in the digital world these days, thus paid advertisements for your blog will make your blog visible to a larger section of people on a larger platform.


7. Friendly Website

The blogger must be aware of the user experience stuff. He should ensure that his website is user-friendly as it should be easily navigable for the users. The site that is easy to access and navigate is considered a user-friendly website, and people prefer these blogging websites over the ones that are difficult to navigate and use.

A blogger must provide a simple interface on his website for his user. Complex themes on websites will make your website lag, this will upset the users or visitors as they prefer easy and quick viewing.

There should be proper menus and links which the user can use to navigate within your website with ease.

The website must have several media content like images, videos, audios, etc. this will make your website look dynamic to the readers or users.

It will also ensure that the audience has something to look at and compare while reading the blog.

You could even add the feature to contact you via email or share a query with you, and you can answer those queries. A forum is also a feature that can help you build a good community with your audience.

Setting up a website with all the desired features can be a challenge but you can do it easily if you have the right tools. You can use the Blog Designer Plugin to set up a perfect blog page and that too without touching a single line of code.

You get more than 50 pre-designed layouts which you can customize further. The plugin has both, lite and pro version to choose from. Check out Blog Designer Plans.


8. Use Email List Effectively

The email list helps you to reach a good amount of audiences. It is a very effective way to send out newsletters and blog notifications. This way, you can rest easy about the traffic on your blog.

When people get the notification through email and keep getting them on a certain time, they are more likely to become regular visitors to your website.

Just like promotion on social media email list must be a medium of promotion, and you must keep on growing this list to be on the journey of making your blog relevant on the internet.


9. SEO Optimization

Optimizing your blog is very crucial as it will ensure traffic to your blog, which in return will ensure success to your blogging career.

Make sure that your blog has systematic formatting.

become a successful blogger

Heading1, heading2, heading3 must properly be set so that it becomes easier for search engines to decide whether your website is relevant and has the correct information which the user is searching for.

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Keywords play an important role in optimizing SEO as whatever a user searches for, can either bring up your blog or miss-out your blog in the search results entirely. Selecting correct keywords for your topic is thus essential for search engines to find your blog among the plethora of blogs on the same topic.

Yoast SEO is an amazing tool that will help you in optimizing your website. It has a free as well as the premium version, which you can use as per your requirements. If you are not an SEO specialist or you cannot hire one, Yoast SEO is a good alternative for it.


10. Providing Free Content

Many bloggers do not share their content freely.

In today’s time where people have become very smart, they will not even invest a penny on something they are not aware of or don’t know much about the entire thing.

become a successful blogger

Making your content freely available will bring you an audience which is vital for making you a successful blogger.

It may sound stupid at once to make your blog freely available, but it ain’t stupid. People think twice to read a paid blog, but they can give a thought very easily, reading something freely available. Thus it is one of the ways to attract the audience.

If you do not want to make your blogging website freely available, you can make available free samples for the readers.

Interested readers then will automatically be willing to pay for reading the entire blogs. This is one useful step in getting targeted and also making them pay to read your blog.

It means success and success!


Final Thoughts

Starting to write a blog and even writing, it is easy, but the tough part is finding how to become a successful blogger.

Like any other industry, completion is strife in the blogging industry too.

Lately, there is a boom of bloggers, and a large number of blogs are produced every day, so the challenge herein lies to stand out among the crowd and be successful.

It is not very tough to be ace your blogging career. All you need a proper, detailed, and sound information regarding making your blogs read by a larger and larger number of people and generating traffic.

You should be thorough with your niche.

It is important that you simply not focus on writing but also channelize your focus towards providing high-quality blogs, proper marketing of your blogs, and making your blogs a success.

Generating more traffic and generating more revenue are the two main key points that determine the success of any blogger. So the blogger should focus on these two main key factors.

Definitely being successful requires proper strategy, well planning, and hard work. But you need not worry.

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If one simply follows the points mentioned above, then definitely it will help one in becoming a successful blogger. the above-listed points give you a proper insight into becoming a “successful blogger.”

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