Ignore Blogging Blarney: How To Get Awesome Blog Results

In these recent times, a lot of people are opting for their careers in the digitalized world. Therefore, blogging is one of the sought after careers in this digitalized era. you should keep these important tips for successful blogging into your mind because many people are pursuing blogging as their main careers.

blogging blarney

Everyone wants to have successful careers. Hence they look for the right guidelines and advice. But sometimes, this advice and guidelines are often misleading; they are indeed the blarneys that fool them.

So a newbie blogger or an amateur one should take care of not letting these blarneys hamper with their career. One should follow the proper steps and the right measures to get the desired successful results.

There are many ill pieces of advice or myths in blogging that must be known, and these situations must be handled differently. Let’s take a look at the most prominent ones!


1. Write when you get great ideas

It is one of the blarneys that have been existing for very long. Hence, it is very misguiding. To become a successful blogger, one should post a blog on a regular basis. Therefore, if you write only when any new idea or thought strikes you, then that would be detrimental for your career. It is often recommended to write only when you feel doing so. But remember, this blarney should not fool you. A blogger should practice writing even when he is not very thoughtful. By practicing it on a regular basis, a habit of writing will eventually be formed.

blogging blarney

The world of blogging is very dynamic. Hence to remain stable in this world, a blogger must post the blog on a regular basis. It helps in garnering the audience. The audience forms a very essential part of a blogging career. The audience connects and develops a bond with the bloggers who post on a regular basis. They are responsible for bringing traffic to your blog. The larger the traffic, the better it is for you. Hence, one should not get trapped by following the ideology of write-only, when your mind is occupied with the thoughts.

Post blogs on a regular schedule to achieve a genuine audience and the success that eventually follows it. Set a proper schedule for posting the blogs.


2. Don’t stick to just one area of a subject

You will hear a lot that a blogger should not be confined to just one area of a subject, rather he should widen the range of subjects. Readers may get bored when you write on one particular subject. Writing on a variety of topics gives an edge to the bloggers. Hence readers always get something fresh. Not just sticking to one area of the subject is good for the blogger’s careers. Hence, these are the blarneys that misguide a blogger.

In real terms, a blogger should not keep on changing the subject he writes on. It means if you post 3-4 blogs about lifestyle, then suddenly write on any technical stuff, then your audience will get confused. A blogger should choose the correct niche. Writing on the topics of your niche will help you in getting recognized. Your audience will know what topics you may post a blog on. Hence, the interested ones will expect a blog on some relatable topics.

Bloggers should choose their niche wisely. They should be well familiar with their niche and should possess all the information about their niche.
It is a wrong notion that the audience gets bored when blogs are posted on the same subject. They do not get bored; instead, it helps them in knowing that they can expect a blog from you on the desired subject. Many informed personalities on the same, have concluded that multi-blogging is bad for SEO. Writing on a niche is helpful in bringing traffic to your blog site.


3. Not caring about the audience

One of the blarneys that a blogger comes across is that just focus on writing without thinking about the audience or what readers want. In layman terms, the notion is to advise the bloggers to just write whatever they feel like writing about. But it is very wrong for bloggers who want to be successful in the long term. No matter how good you write, it will not help you to grow if you don’t get the audience. For bloggers, the audience is the main source of revenue. They are helpful in bringing the traffic to your blogs. The larger traffic ensures success to your blog.

Therefore, it is imperative to take care of your audience. You should write keeping in mind what your audience wants. Write in a way that readers would like to read. Pay attention to the blogs, that the audience liked more, also pay attention to the blogs the audience did not like much. These things provide clarity for the bloggers in determining what the audience wants. Hence, successful bloggers give a lot of priority to the audience.

Just writing and not caring about the audience may be detrimental to your career. The audience should be valued the most.


4. Not caring about the outlook of a blog

It is a mistake to not care about the outlook or the visuals of a blog. One of the blogging blarney that is prevalent is, not to concentrate on how your blog post looks, instead focus on the content. In the world of strife competition, it is important that your blog post looks better than your competitors. The content is obviously very important, but the outlook of a blog is also something one cannot ignore. The audience gets attracted to the blogs with a better outlook instead of the monotonous, mundane blogs.

A lot of tools and guidelines are available on the internet to help you in making a better outlook for your blog. One can avail of all the help from there in making the blog look more attractive and appealing for the audience. The outlook of a blog should be reader-friendly.

Add visuals to your blog. Images and graphical presentations make the blog look appealing. Do not fill your blog only with the texts. Use proper diagrams, images, or any sort of visual in accordance with the blog. Make use of outlines, bolding, etc., to enhance the look of a blog. Use attractive themes for better blog design as it attracts readers.

Giving no importance on how the blog will look is not good in yielding successful results.

You need to make sure that your WordPress blog looks perfect. For this, you need a tool that can help you take full control of your blog, and for this tool, you can use the Blog Designer plugin which can help you take control over the layout of your blog and how your blog looks. This plugin comes packed with more than 50 blog layouts, which gives you immense power to choose the best layout for your blog. You can even customize these blog designs further and make them look exactly what you want with the blog designer plugin. If you wish to know more about this plugin, you can do it here.

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5. Do not care about grammatical and spelling errors

It is also one of the blogging blarneys that you should not care too much about grammatical and spelling errors. It is often recommended to pay attention to jotting down the thoughts and ideas to your blog. But it can be dreadful for your career.

blogging blarney

Bloggers should always pay attention to the grammar, punctuation, and spellings, in the blog. A lot of tools are available on the internet, such as Grammarly, Ginger, Pro Writing Aid, Spelling Checker, etc. to rectify the grammatical mistakes. One can save time and energy by making use of these tools. Even if you are not well versed in grammar, then also you need not worry. Make use of these tools as they are easy to use, hence they are helpful. A lot of apps are also there for mobile users.

Readers frown and do not like to read the content that has a lot of grammatical mistakes or wrong spellings in the blog, no matter how good the content is. The errors break the flow of reading, and the readers have a hard time interpreting what is written. It has become easier to write a blog free of any errors as many apps are there to assist you. Therefore, there is no reason not to provide errorless blogs.

Editors, as well as the audience, do not appreciate blogs with grammatical errors in it. Therefore, a blogger should never neglect the importance of correct usage of grammar in the blogs.


6. Always focus on newer content

Always post fresh content. Give time in publishing a new blog post. Bloggers should not follow this as it will not be productive in the long term. Leaving your old content and not utilizing it may be a waste of content. What benefit will you get if you focus on old blogs?

blogging blarney

Bloggers should try to repurpose a blog. In this dynamic career, it is important to update your blogs from time to time. Try to make your blog evergreen. Do not get trapped in the rat race of publishing more blog posts.

There are a lot of advantages to repurposing your blog. It is also one of the marketing strategies as it boosts SEO. Your old blog gets a new life. Repurposing the blog also broadens the reach, when shared on social media platforms. Social media is largely booming these days, so making use of it proves to be good. It also saves time from making a new blog post. The bloggers get a chance to redeem the less successful blogs. It also helps in diversifying the content of the blog.

From time to time, your knowledge also gets expanded, so inculcating new information in the old blogs can prove to be more useful for the readers.


7. Save time (Do not waste time in audience engagement)

In order to save time, some often advise bloggers to not waste time by engaging with the audience. The audience holds a very important place in the blogging world. It is not a good path for a blogger to not engage with his audience.

Saving time is important, but that does not mean a blogger should cut on the engagement with the audience. Ignoring the views of the audience would seem rude. The audience is, after all, the best tool in tracking the success of your blog posts.

Audience engagement is very important. The audience determines the success of the blog. They are only responsible for bringing traffic to your blog. By replying to the audience’s comments or liking their comments, you show your good gesture toward them. They feel their opinions are getting valued. Therefore, they appreciate it and will stick with you like any loyal audience.

There are also other ways of audience engagement. You can also make use of the e-mail list. You can also engage with your audience on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. When you connect or form a bond with your audience, then you grow your network. Therefore, networking is helpful to bloggers. It helps them to broaden their reach and also helps them to grow career-wise.


8. Fill blog post with advertisements

Blog posts full of promotions and advertisements can upset the readers. Therefore, do not commit a mistake of bombarding the readers with frequent pop-ups on your blog posts. Readers will read your blog in search of valuable information. But, when you fill your blog post with too many advertisements then, it will push away the readers.

Readers may want links and advertisements on some of the products that you refer to in your blog. Some of your readers may become your regular customers. But, do not try to promote the products by excessive advertisements. Good marketing is suggested, but don’t get overboard. Your customers build trust in you, so don’t put the advertisements of all the products just for your profitable means. Provide customers a description of the product, which will be helpful for them. Marketing done in excessive amounts may turn out bad for your blog post.

A lot of ads, pop-ups, scare away the readers. Nobody wants to waste their time in today’s hustle-bustle era. Readers should get from your blog what they are searching for. Therefore, keep in mind to limit the advertisements and use only when appropriate. Therefore, bloggers should not let themselves get fooled by indulging in excessive marketing promotions.

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9. Blogging is easy

Many people get fooled by thinking blogging is an easy career option. In general, this is a widespread notion. Newbie bloggers then start taking blogging casually. They just assume that by writing whatever they feel like will make them a blogger.

Blog Layout Best Practices

Like any other career, blogging is also the same. It takes the right efforts, energy, hard work to achieve success. Blogging is dynamic in nature, so the competition is more strife here. Blogging is not just jotting down the thoughts and then publishing it randomly. It is not a cakewalk.

Blogging works on the concept of traffic it receives. Therefore, it is not an easy task to generate traffic. It takes a lot of hard and smart work to make your blogs get noticed. There are a lot of bloggers, so being able to get recognized is a tough job. Making a network is also a tiresome job. It also demands creativity and skills.

However, this does not mean it is a tough task, it is equal to any other career option. Do not let myths and wrong notion fool you.


10. Words limit

The common blogging blarney that a blogger may find is regarding the word limit of the blog posts. You will find a large number of articles on how many words you should write in your blog post. Some advice writes short blogs, while some emphasize on writing words exceeding 500 in number. There is a lot of stuff on the internet about the same.

But in reality, there is no such limit. Some blogs will require more words, some will not. So a blogger should write in accordance with the topic. Word limit is not a subject to worry about. The value of the blog post is in the content, not in the word count of the content.

Quality over quantity concept works in the blogging world. The content of the blog should be able to provide the information to the readers, which they are looking for. The number of words does not hold importance. It’s just that your blog post covers all the queries and the information related to the topic. In short, your blog post has no such pre-defined concept regarding the word limit.


11. Leave blogging if it does not yield results

A very wrong notion is prevalent that if blogging does not yield you the desired results, then don’t pursue this career further. Blogging is something that takes time. This career requires patience. In the beginning, it may be tough to get noticed. It may take up to a year, but that does not mean you cannot be successful.

It is very difficult to get the traffic to your blog post. Also, there remain several blog posts on the same topic. Hence, it can be difficult for your blog post to appear on the top of the search results. To attract the audience is also not an easy task. If you want your blogging career to flourish, you must work on your networking.

Things may be difficult initially, and you might think that your time is getting wasted. But, like any other business, in blogging too, time is required to set your position in the market. One should not get scared or demotivated because of things not working initially. It does not mean in any terms that you should quit blogging after a year. With the right measures and proper guidelines, your career can take a successful turn. So, don’t worry or panic if things don’t fall in the right place initially. Just be patient and passionate to succeed in your career. As it is truly said, slow and steady wins the race.



The situations that you may face in your journey can cause problems in achieving your goals. This does not imply that you will not achieve the goals. Everyone has to face some problems in doing something big and different.

Therefore, do not shy away when such aforementioned situations come before you. Tackle them with the right attitude and correct information. Do not let yourself believe that everything will turn out fine on its own. Work in the direction of doing the wrong into a right.

Ignore all advice that seems easy, and that looks like an easy way out. Blogging is a business, and no business has ever been established without seeing hardships. Carry the experience forward, and when you are at the state of feeling successful, help the others with what you learned. Pass along the right methods so that we can remove the myths and unhelpful pieces of advice.

Please share your experience on which tip you got that was just flattery instead of a helpful tip.

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