Things You Need to Know About Blogging!

Blogging is as huge as the ocean and one of the unique things about blogging is that there is always something new to learn. Every blogger has their own story, their own experience with their time in the blogging world but they too will agree on the fact that blogging is an ongoing process. There is no course to blogging which can make you aware of all the ins and outs of blogging.

Even the bloggers who have been doing this for more than 10 years still find something new to learn every now and then and this is what that makes blogging career one of its kind.

Although I am sure you are a well-read person in this field, I have arranged a list of things that you should know as a blogger. When I started blogging, I get to know these things along my journey I have traveled so far. There are many other things to learn but I thought to share these things here with you all.

Many things in this list will be like a lesson that you should learn now or else like me you may learn it the hard way. Some of the tips are findings which I learned and discovered on my journey and some of the things are facts which you should pay attention to.

So., here are the things about blogging that can make you love it, hate it and love it again.

1. Competition

One of the things that people know yet do not pay attention to is the competition. You cannot argue with the fact that just like you there are thousands of people who dream of a lifestyle that a blogger lives. Work from home, traveling, fame etc. As a matter of fact, there are thousands of people who Google the keywords “How to Become a Blogger”. So, this makes the competition pretty intense.

Everyone wants to be a blogger nowadays and why won’t they, it is one of the most interesting and cool professions of the 21st century. So everyone come and try their luck at becoming a blogger.

It does not mean that you cannot succeed as a blogger but it won’t be easy too. You need to give in a lot more than you think to leave the herd behind. The only thing that can make you successful in blogging is creating your own unique value.

You should not be scared of the competition rather you should take this as an opportunity try whatever you want and you should be willing to take risks and do experiments.


2. Longevity is the key.

You don’t become successful overnight and it does not mean it will happen in a month or two. How much time it will take for you to get your spotlight is something that can’t be predicted.

The only way to do this is by setting a mindset about blogging that it will take time and you must be willing to give your precious time without asking anything in return at least at the beginning of the journey.

If you were to ask me, I would say that blogging will take at least 2 years before significant things start to happen. I know that seems like a long duration but once you start doing it, it won’t seem to be that long.

The time also changes when you talk about how frequent your content is going to be. If you will be uploading weekly, it will take you longer as compared to how long it will be if you were posting daily.


3. You Won’t be just Blogging

Blogging is what you are here for, right? But the untold truth is that no blogger is simply writing content. Although when you start writing, it seems like the only job you have but as you grow you get to know about other things that you have to do as well.

If you have been blogging for a while now, you will know what I am talking about. Apart from writing engaging and epic posts, you need to perform many tasks.

For your Posts to rank on search engines, you need to perform search engine optimization or what we call SEO on your blog or website. You cannot neglect this as no matter how good your content is if people are not able to find you, your impeccable piece of content is of no use. Although this a huge field in itself, you do not need to take a deep dive in this field. Just having an idea of On-page SEO will work for the beginning.

For your blog to look good, you need to focus on the design of your website. If you do not know how to code then it is a big issue on its own. But not to worry this is 2019 and you don’t need to learn how to write code to become a blogger.

To all my blogger friends, I recommend blogging using WordPress. Not the free one you might be using so far. I am talking about the setup for your website. For this, you will require a domain name and a hosting provider to run but if you have it, I guarantee it will pay off.

Blog Designer Plugin

If you have a WordPress blog then you can leave all the designing worry to our Blog Designer plugin. Themes have never been able to deliver the exact layout we want on our website and if you have used WordPress, I am sure you know how hard it is to find the perfect theme that you can go with. For this problem, you can use this plugin. This plugin allows you to customize your blog page layout without touching a single line of code so you can keep your focus on the Blog and its articles.

For your blog to get more popular, you need to work on the social accounts as well. This part is a big YES if you want to attract more visitors to your website. Social media accounts help in expanding the user base and increasing the number of people visiting your blogs. When you share an article on any social media platform, people come and look at what is being shared and if your content is good enough to keep them engaged, they tend to stay and come again as well! Isn’t that we all want, right?

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So, if you think writing good posts is the only thing that you will have to worry about then I have to burst that bubble for you. It is going to be a lot more work than that.


4. Time Consuming

Blogging is not just a part-time thing that you can go back to when you feel like writing. You need to give separate attention to it to keep everything on track. Most of the time when you start you can lay back and manage your workflow according to your own needs but when the blogging gig gets more serious, it starts to grow on you and now you have to give it time every day. This can become a real toll on you.

It does not mean it will be impossible for you to keep up on your blog. It will surely be difficult but if you start to manage and delegate things properly, you will find time for every task your blog will demand from you.

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You can always get a guy to do a job if you feel like you won’t be able to take care of that and someone else will be able to do it much better. These tasks can be website changes, getting back on contact form submissions, or simply managing social media accounts.


5. Content is King

No matter how good looking your website is, or how fast it is. If the website is not able to deliver good content, it all is of no use. Imagine going to the fanciest restaurant with a bunch of fancy waiters but the food is not good at all. Would you go to that restaurant again? I am sure we both know the answer to that question.

Similarly, the content on your website is the food if your blog is your restaurant.

Content is your selling point. It is the reason people are coming to your blog. If you are putting up mediocre content there, it will not do any good to your brand and in turn, will deflect the incoming traffic.

If you are having trouble coming up with content for your users, try whipping things up a little bit. Try different content styles and see which one gets a positive response.

If you still can’t get any readers, see and observe how your competitors are doing it. Do no start copying their content but see how they do it and what is the difference between their technique and yours. Analyze what is working for them and what will work for you and your blog.

Also, this is no time for writing only written content. If you wish, try to mix things up. Try different mediums such as written, video, audio to attract different kinds of users. This works most of the time and you get to explore other sections as well.


6. You won’t earn on your first day

Many people begin their blogging with an aim to make loads of $$$ and usually abandons it after a short while just because they were having a different expectation to the money flow in blogging.

This usually happens when people see “I made this many dollars in 1 month with blogging” posts. Most of the time, these posts are there just to grab your attention and nothing else. You do not get a load of payment on your day one or for that matter on year one.

Blogging is hard guys. With the amount of competition there is, it becomes hard to earn a good income but if you take proper steps and go in the right direction, blogging can be easily managed and it won’t be impossible for you to make money online.

You need to first understand blogging is an ongoing process. No blogger will start making money from day one. It takes time to build the authority of your website and start making money from your blog.

Another thing people do not consider is the income sources in blogging. You need to see what income sources are there in your niche. If you are able to grab a good amount of traffic, the advertisement income is always there but if you really want to earn then you need to consider all the income sources and plan your content accordingly.


7. Blogging is a Rollercoaster Ride

Running a blog is not an easy task. You might be doing everything right but still no viewers and might be something you did in the past, and it is yielding results now. So, you cannot expect or see what is coming next.

Sometimes a single piece of your content goes viral and brings you to the limelight and sometimes it gets so overwhelming that you go running back to the way things were. Sometimes you keep waiting for your big break and it might take forever to happen.

What important here is no matter what, you need to focus on your consistency. If your content is not consistent or is not good enough, it will not work for sure.


8. Affiliates are your Best Pals

As I said before, many people think of blogging as a Money Making Machine. Well, it actually is a money making machine but it takes real efforts to make this machine work. Those who seriously want to consider blogging as a career option must know this secret fact that Affiliates are the real money making machines.

If you are blogging for some time now you must be already aware of the power of affiliates. For those who don’t know, affiliates program is a system where you promote or recommend a system or a product and based on your recommendation people buy that product. This whole process is tracked with the help of links and when there is a sale made on the basis of your recommendation, you get a small percentage from the proceeds of that sale.

When many people are coming on your blog and watching your stuff and taking recommendations of the things you are promoting, it becomes really easy for you to make money with affiliate marketing than making money with advertising or any other medium for that matter.


9. You will fall in love with it

Despite all the negative and spine chilling things I have mentioned above, there is a reason I am still writing this blog. No matter how bad it will get, you will always love to blog on your website.

Once you start doing this, it is a whole new experience which you can never get bored of. There will be days where you will ask why you are doing this but then one day you will see a comment on your article by a reader thanking you for writing that piece of content and the appreciation that follows.

There is nothing better than seeing how much people appreciate all the work you are doing. Seeing all the comments and replies and personal messages will give you the boost that you need to keep going.

Your blog will become your little place on the internet that you created out of nothing. This little place is your blog and you decorate it, invite people to stay and leave their thoughts.


10. There are no rules to Blogging

One thing people do not understand is that there are no rules of blogging. Though many blogs or pro-bloggers will claim that they have a definitive guide to blogging and to make a blog successful, they will never guarantee it and there is a reason for that as well.

Blogging is like baking cookies. Everybody is making cookies but how you make them sets you apart from the crowd. If you are going to follow a definitive guide, chances are there are thousands of other bloggers who are doing the same thing so you need to understand the fact that there are no rules to blogging.

This can be both exciting and at the same time daunting if you think about it but the concept of no rules give you whole new possibilities for your blog.


11. Copycats are everywhere

One thing that I hate about the internet is copycats. You will always come across blogs and bloggers who upload unique and useful content but at the same time, you will find some who will just do what is working for someone else without even thinking twice.

The sad part is sometimes these people get some success as well but don’t forget the fact that they only “sometimes” succeed but on the other hand, I have never seen people who deliver fresh unique content fail. They always find a way to attract people to their blogs.

Although I asked you earlier to take inspiration from other blogs and your competitors, do remember that you are focusing on understanding that what works for them and why does it work. Once you get an idea of the same, go ahead and try to implement something that will work on your blog and will help you build you an audience of your own.

Under no circumstances, end up becoming a copycat of another blog. By copying from another blog, you will not be doing good to yourself or the original content creator. Keep your uniqueness alive at all costs. Remember it what that keeps your users coming on your website.


12. You need to keep shuffling things up to survive

Okay, you tried experimenting something and one day you noticed one of your “experiments” has started showing results and more viewers are coming on your website. Kudos!

But what now? The first thing you need to do is that keep the consistency and see if it is still working or not. If it is working, keep it consistent and keep working on your technique.

Now, should your experimenting stop? Well, of course not. The thing with blogging is that you don’t know if something worked for you one time will keep on working for your whole life.

The key here is to keep on experimenting on your blog and never settling on a single technique which is working for you today. You don’t know you might even come up with a better solution tomorrow.


13. Scheduling will make a big difference

One of the reasons why people suck at blogging is that they are not consistent on their blog. But is creating a schedule a solution at all? I know some of you travel bloggers and lifestyle bloggers will debate with me on this but scheduling is a very good technique to keep yourself consistent on a blog and growing it as well.

The reason why scheduling works is that when you schedule your posts, you tell your users when they should be expecting the next post to come out as they now know your pattern. Let’s say you post only on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. This will give your users an idea about when should they expect your next post to come up.

I know keeping a schedule is not that easy but once you create a schedule you also make yourself accountable for it as well. Once you know that you need to send out on Monday, you will make sure that it completed before the publishing time comes.

On the other hand, if you do not have a schedule and have an “I will post when I feel like it” attitude towards your blog, days or even weeks will go by without you even noticing that you haven’t published anything all this time.

If you are serious about blogging, I will suggest that you start posting at least 3 blogs per week. Do not focus on the quantity here. Keep most of your focus on the quality here and see how you can publish three blogs per week without sabotaging the quality.


Winding it Up!

I am sure you must have gained something out of these points. If you are just starting out on your blogging journey, do consider these points. Do remember, blogging is not an easy journey and if you wish to make an impact and make blogging your career choice, make a schedule and stick to it.

Also, while you are focusing on sticking to the schedule, do keep in mind that the quality of the content should not be played with as after all content is king and the sole selling point of your blog.

Since blogging can be quite a rollercoaster ride, make sure that you are prepared for every possible scenario there is. I know this cannot be done completely but foresee your blog’s growth and predict the future. According to those forecasts, see how you can prepare yourself.

But all in all, do not forget to have fun and enjoy while you are doing it. Remember there was a reason you started this blog of yours and if you are not finding it interesting, what is even the point of doing it?

If you liked this post and found something useful, do share it!

If you think we missed out on something that should have been on the list, do comment it down below and we will add it to the list!

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