Reasons Why You Are Not A Successful Blogger

Blogging is the dream profession of many individuals. For successful blogging, consistent writing and hard work are the key. Most Successful blogger creates blogs with quality content that focus on gathering the attention of the readers and make money from their blogs.

However, what about those who have failed in the blogging field? There are many things they have to learn. So, it is essential to know why bloggers may fail. It is a learning stage for you when your first blog will not gain more traffic. If you want to have a successful blog, then you can not treat it as a side project. In this article, we have explained the 11 reasons why you are not an eminent blogger.

Let’s begin!

1. Horrible Design

Horrible Design

The poorly laid out blog website will lose the readers quickly. Perhaps the theme you select for your blog post is not the best suite. However, you can use a better color scheme that is eye-catching to the readers. You can use an appropriate theme for blogging, such as Bloggers, or use the most effective plugin like a Blog Designer Pro. It will allow you to design and modify a blog page or a single page layout without any coding skills requirement.

Furthermore, the plugin provides 50 unique templates to attract more readers to your blog page. With this plugin, you can modify several settings from the admin panel without any hurdle. In addition to this, the plugin is easy to integrate with the shortcode.

2. Poor Writing

These days, writing a blog is easy. But, you just need to know what and how to write the blog before you start blogging. Plan your blog properly and research it effectively. If you can not provide relevant information to your readers, then they never like to read it.

In addition to this, when you start a blog, first think about the meta title of your blog. The important thing is not to copy the other’s title for your blog post. It’s fine to read through the content of others to get an idea about it. Make sure you can put some time and effort to write the best content on your blog.

3. Lack of self-promotion on the social media platform

Generally, the new bloggers suffering from the hurdle called self-promotion. Moreover, lacking self-promotion demotivates bloggers, and they are starting to devalue and undermine their expertise. And, it will badly affect their blog content.

On the other hand, to overcome this, you are required to start promoting your blog on social media constantly. Importantly, avoid covering all the social media platforms and use only those when you target your audience. In the beginning, use one or two platforms. For instance, Facebook and Twitter is a great platform to boost traffic.

Apart from this, to promote your blog content on social media, you can use a WordPress plugin like Social Stream Designer. This is a powerful plugin that helps you to integrate your social media feed on your website from 14 different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more. It will provide a stunning wall on your website in just a few minutes. Plus, this plugin provides more than 40 customization options for unique styling and designing your blog page.

Social Stream Designer WordPress plugin

4. Not Useful Content to the Reader

You have to provide valuable content to the readers to gain more traffic to your blog page. Successful bloggers develop content that is desirable to the readers. So, study it adequately to give value to each of your blog posts before sharing it on the World Wide Web. If you want to make this worthwhile, start providing solutions for online queries. Perhaps, you can start this by providing answers in Quora.

Moreover, you can smartly utilize this opportunity and link your answers in the form of useful articles. From that, you may hike traffic on your blog page. From that, you may also get lots of blog titles according to the individual’s problems. Additionally, you can also get more comments and increase conversion on your blog post.

5. Improper Posting Schedule


Consistency is important when it comes to creating and posting a new blog post on your website. Don’t write the content only when you want to. But, you have to post content regularly to build a strong and consistent relationship with your blog readers.

Providing a consistent posting with the proper scheduling of your blog post gives you more followers. Importantly, create a detailed post schedule and follow it. For instance, you can post a new blog in a week or twice a week to gain more and consistent readers. If you launch a new product or update any product or service, then write a blog to demonstrate the latest information to your blog readers.

6. Missed To Take Benefits From Email Subscription Option

As a blogger, do not forget to take advantage of sharing your content with your email subscribers. You have to be careful whenever reaching out to your email subscribers. If you are sending interesting information related to your new blog post, then you may lead your email list. As a successful blogger, learn to add a piece of the content that you want your email subscribers to convert into an eye-catching email with a personal touch.

If you have a post that adds value to the visitors, then boost your readership by emailing your readers about it. You can also share helpful resources that can engage and start learning more.

7. Forgot To Add Links

Hyperlinks are a kind of reference data link that users can read by clicking on the specific links. Generally, hyperlinking is an amazing SEO tactic when you properly execute it. In addition to this, whenever you are writing a blog post, insert the relevant hyperlinks to your blog to increase the SEO score.

Similarly, it will also hike the credibility, and your blog page view also increases as they enjoy the better user experience. Importantly, trying to stick on three to five links per 1000 words on your blog is the best practice. To decrease the bounce rate, ensure that the external links are open in the new tab only. You can also link your relevant old blog post with the latest blog post to gain more attention.

8. Challenging to Read Blogs

Proper formatting of the blog is important for providing a smooth reading experience to your readers. In recent times, there are easy article formatting ways to make your blog content more appealing to the reader’s eye. Firstly, you need to make an appropriate heading tag for the meta title of your blog. Properly positioning the heading with long readable content helps to gain more comments and share on your blog page.

As a great blog writer, keep a shorter sentence on your blog. It will help readers to understand your content. Apart from this, you can also insert appropriate images to gain attention. You can also make points to avoid long and lengthy paragraphs on your blog.

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9. Take More Time to Load Blog Page


One study found that the web page load within two seconds has an average bounce rate of 9 percent, whilst web pages load in five seconds see their bounce rate to 38 percent. Even the once-second difference in load time can have a detrimental impact on performance.

If your blog page takes a long time to load, then the visitors do not wait. Within a second they leave your blog. Perhaps, they never come back to read your blog and never suggest to anyone else as well. Search engines also hate the slow loading pages.

Avoid using high graphical images as well as video. As in, they will take more time to load your page. Keep your blog content neat and clean with only the required media. Note – Do not forget to compress images before inserting them on your blog post. Also not include clusters from the ads on your blog post.

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10. Less Reader Interaction

It is important to pay attention to the people who want to learn from your blog. In addition to this, in your blog, ask people to make a comment and build the interaction and get individual talking on your website. This will definitely help you to increase the conversion rate on your website.

11. Lack of Patience

Last but not least, one of the biggest hurdles of the blogger is a lack of patience. For a successful blogger, you need to spend endless hours to showcase creative work. With that, make sure your content flow is consistent and useful.

Importantly, be patient, work hard, and believe that you are doing well. It will take some time, but in the end, you may become a better writer compared to now.

Final Verdict!

We hope this article will help you to understand the reasons to overcome these mistakes to become a successful blogger. You need to have patience and choose the proper blog layout, the quality content that readers want to read from your blog. It will gain more traffic and hike conversion on your blog post.

All the best!

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