Blogging For Lead Generation [How To Convert Traffic]

Blogging is a great way to generate leads, and it helps you to boost your sales. Demand Gen Report illustrates that 47% of customers viewed three to five pieces of content before joining with a sales representative. Normally, consumers are searching for answers to their problems before making a purchase decision. It is a great reason to start blogging for lead generation and make sure your content comes up as a part of their research.

In this article, we will explain blogging importance and how the blogger creates more leads from their blog post. After that, we will drive you through the 19 most powerful ways to build more leads to your blog. In the end, we will also illustrate the best three lead generation blogs.

Let’s get started.

Importance of Blogging

Having an active blog will give your website a boost. Blogging is a powerful technique to hike the traffic on your website. Apart from this, blogging gives a voice or brand image to your business. Using the blog, you can create valuable discussions and give your visitors more insights into your business and products. Thus, it will help you to convert visitors into customers.

When you create a blog, you can include content on your website that helps to make people more familiar with your brand.

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How The Blogger Creates Leads With Blogs?

Bloggers have to take steps to push visitors to take action because good content does not mean your lead will take action themselves. For example, encourage your visitors to share their contact information, so they put them through the buying process.

Bloggers use several tactics ranging from adding calls to action in their blog posts, installing lead magnets, using interactive content, hosting giveaways, and many more. These are effective ways to get more leads from your blog. However, they are all based on offering high-quality, useful content. Bloggers are required to provide great content first to generate leads.

19 Ways To Provoke Leads From the Blog

1. Create An Eye-catching Blog Post

The first impression of your blog post is always important. The perfectly designed blog page helps you to gain more leads.

For that, you can use the Blog Designer Pro WordPress plugin. It is a powerful plugin that permits you to design or modify your blog page layout according to your needs without any hurdle. Moreover, the plugin supports 50 stunning blog templates.

This plugin is easy to integrate using shortcodes. In addition to this, you can preview each page layout at the time of creation or modification. Importantly, the plugin supports an amazing 10+ social share icons default library to change social icon design. It is ready to use with any language.

The powerful way to create more leads from your blog is to decide unique and trending blog topics for your readers. The unique and latest topics always help to gain visitor’s attention and more leads to your blog. You can write a blog with more than 1500 words approx.

3. Develop Useful Content

You can find the questions that your targeted audience have in their mind. Once you get some idea on that particular topic, then make a blog that is useful for your visitors.

Furthermore, write on the topics that are related to your business and also include useful tips, tricks, or ways that make their life easier. It is a great way to escalate more leads from your blog post because visitors always find useful information from your blog post.

4. Use A “Hello Bar” On Your Blog

Showcasing the Hello bar at the top of your blog page is one of the best ways to generate more leads. It is a powerful tool that includes CTAs that helps you to drive more traffic to your post. If the website visitors are not urged to click instantly, then it follows them as they scroll to read your blog.

For instance, using a hello bar, you can add an appealing call to action such as gathering specific content or offering ebooks.

5. Provides Exclusive Content

In your blog, showcase exclusive and valuable content to attract more readers. This will provide value to your routine blogs and parallelly display detailed knowledge with exclusive blog data. You can also include a call to action at the end of your blog that encourages your visitors to share their email addresses for more resources. Apart from this, you can also include share buttons in your blog post to hike your blog visitors.

The important thing is delivering valuable content to your blog readers. For example, if you are creating blog content on social media marketing, then provide the best social media plugins to your blog.

6. Learn More About Your Audience

The audience is always important for any blog website. You can cover their concern or problem in your blog information. Create eye-catching content that is right to your targeted audience.

blogging vs insta audience

This will help you to generate more leads to your blog, but you have to invest your time to understand your audience’s problem.

7. Offer Content Upgrades

A content upgrade is a great way to generate more leads to your blog post. The main goal of the content upgrade is to provide additional value to your blog readers. Let me give you an example, if your blog post is regarding how to create a website, then you can include a video that shows how to do it and the step by step documentation.

Some individuals do not have enough time to read your whole blog. That is the reason, you can include considerable results to your blog like write a summary content at the end of your blog post. This is an effective strategy that normality bloggers use. To a large extent, it will help you to enhance the conversion rate on your blog.

8. Proper Formatting and Images

Appropriate formatting with images makes your blog post visually stunning and attracts more visitors. If your blog is not reader-friendly or fails to gain the attention of your readers then they may not visit again.

For proper formatting, you can use bold text, subhead, numbers, bullet points, and high-quality images, and many more.

9. Use Appealing Options

For your blog, you can provide options that attract more people to sign up. For instance, when you disclose to host exclusive events for your email subscribers, visitors are curious to get on your list.

Normally, a blogging community where bloggers are organized by niche is also popular. By getting on your list, people are notified of sales, discounts, and many more. Moreover, it helps to build more leads to your blog post.

10. Insert A Call To Action

If you have powerful blog content and still miss to generate more leads, then you may forget to include a call to action (CTA) or just insert a call to action at the end of your blog post. In addition to this, you are supposed to get your visitors to do things on your blog like download, subscribe, sign in, and many more. Generally, you lost leads without adding a call to action.

An effective call to action is beneficial to drive traffic, action-oriented, and a building sense of curiosity. With this, you can engage your reader with your blog.

11. Answer The Comment

A comment section is a great place to generate leads. A person who cares enough about your content to participate with your brand to ask questions or provide suggestions.

If any visitors ask you for more information on a specific point in your blog post, then answer into comment including a CTA to a landing page where they can download an ebook to get even more information on the subject.

Blog Comments

Always keep in mind that sometimes blogs do not permit links to be published in comments. So, use this technique occasionally to gain benefit.

Generally, keywords demonstrate the search intent more precisely associated with a person who is ready to purchase. It can be also a wonderful way to create content that attracts more visitors and leads. You can provide more value than your blog readers expected. The most effective way for increasing more leads is to know the intent behind why individuals are searching for a particular term or keyword. After gathering specific information you can provide free help to solve that problem.

When you have created a trust, you can bring the visitor a free lead magnet like download this free e-book to get to know about the specific insights. Apart from this, give your blog visitors something for free in exchange for their email with you. This is an efficient method that will work for you.

13. Include A Chat Widget For Lead Generation

Providing a conversation on the chat that feels personal has paid off for us to create more leads from your blog rather than one many conversion. In addition to this, you can personalize the conversation around what the visitor read on your blog or website.

Live Chat

14. Use Correct Keywords On Your Blog

Before creating blog content, you need to understand proper keywords that generally people are searching for and also help you to rank higher on various search engines.

Furthermore, for creating more leads you have to develop great SEO planning that depending on high-quality content and detailed keyword research. You can use keyword research tools like Google Key Planner, Ahrefs Keyword Explorer, SEMrush for creating high-quality content. Using appropriate keywords helps to generate leads on your blog post.

15. Share Your Blog On Your Social Media

Sharing your blog post on your social media will help you to boost traffic on it. Moreover, it is a great platform to promote your blog. You can make it more engaging that stand out from the audience. Apart from just sharing, you can embed your blog post on a desired social media platform. For that, you can use the Social Stream Designer WordPress plugin.

Social Stream Designer WordPress plugin

It is an amazing WordPress plugin that helps you to integrate your social media feed on your website and make a responsive blog on your blog page or website. It supports 14 social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, RSS, WordPress, and many more. Normally, it is a great way to boost the leads on your blog page.

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16. Collaborate With Influencers

For analyzing influencers, search for social media networks to find accounts that have a huge following. You have to involve your efforts to engage your influencers. You can collaborate with them and like their content on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more.

Marketing Influencers

Moreover, you can reach your influencer to promote your blog post, products, or services. Most importantly, with them keep your tone friendly to get positive responses.

17. Host Surveys And Giveaways

It is a powerful way to generate more leads on your blog post. Providing a proper survey, readers can answer the questions because it will make them more curious to win some prizes. And, it provides a chance to collect the data. You can use these informative insights to generate more leads to your blog.

Furthermore, giveaways and surveys help you to boost your followers and long term engagement with your followers. These will help you to showcase to your visitors that you care for them.

18. Retarget Your Blog Traffic

For generating more leads you need to know whether your visitors understand direct responsive marketing. You can add the retargeting ads that promote them to join your social media groups or join your group.

Additionally, this is a powerful way because it focuses your advertising on the visitors who are already familiar and interested in your blog. It helps you to generate more traffic and leads on your blog post.

19. Try Quora To Enhance Your Blog Audience

With Quora, you can find a related question and replay a complete answer. You can also drive readers to your blog by explaining their problems. Apart from this, Quora also offers an opportunity to develop a blog on their platform.


In addition to this, Quora will help you to drive more traffic on your blog page and generate more leads.

Top 3 Lead Generation Blogs

Keeping up with the lead generation blogs is a wonderful way to stay updated with the latest tips, as well as strategies. Let’s look at the top 3 lead generation blogs.

1. HubSpot

HubSpot is a great integrated blogging platform. It is well-known for its affectionate style and reachability of the post. This blog keeps its readers updated with several marketing topics.

2. Copyblogger

Copyblogger is a wonderful source for all blogging and content marketing people. Generally, on this blogging platform around five or six blogs will be posted in a week. Importantly, it will cover almost all types of marketing and lead generation topics.

3. Social Media Examiner

The Social Media Examiner features several famous industries with leads conversing things socially. It will help millions of business owners to create brand awareness, drive more traffic, and increase sales.

Final Verdicts!

In the end, we hope that you will gain knowledge of blogging and how the blogger can generate leads from their blog post. So, when you create a blog strategy, keep these points in your mind. This will help you to stay on point and maximize the blog lead generation results.

If you are facing any trouble to rank your blog higher on search engines, then you can hire our SEO services. Our SEO experts can help you to increase traffic on your blog page.

Best of luck!

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