10 Critical To-Dos Before Launching Your New blog

Creating a successful blog requires more work than just posting it. But, don’t worry! We are here to help you out with these ten amazing tips to make sure all things are set up properly before launching your blog post.

Great Blogging is not everyone’s cup of tea.

As a beginner, you have not enough idea what you are doing wrong that may badly affect your blog success. However, when individuals visit your blog, you want them to feel wow! Here is a self-curated checklist that will give you the exact ideas about things to do before launching a blog.

1. Choose The Correct Blogging Platform With Your Own Domain And Hosting

It is important to use the right blogging platform and powerful hosting providers for your blog post. You have several options, but WordPress is the most popular one. Right! It is a widely recognized and highly recommended platform to create a WordPress blog. Once you choose a WordPress platform, now it’s time to purchase the domain name and web hosting.

Generally, the domain name is a website address that people find on your blog on the World Wide Web. On the other hand, hosting provides a space for your blog on a server. In which you can store your blog content, images, and design elements. Importantly, hosting is pocket-friendly because many web hosts are inexpensive in the market.

Top Hosting Providers:

Choose your hosting provider wisely. Before purchase, visit through plans and choose according to your requirements.

2. Select The Best Theme

Generally, the theme provides you a certain layout and appearance for your blog post. There are a plethora of themes available so, you are easily bewildered to choose the best one for your blog site. When selecting your theme, take your time and consider the purpose of your blog. You can use the Bloggers WordPress blog theme that was developed to provide a stylish online preference for every blogger.

Responsive blog theme

It is the best WordPress theme for professional bloggers, writers, authors who want to share their experience with the world. Moreover, it comes up with a pixel-perfect design, custom web page templates, live customers, and other powerful features.

The logo is the first thing that the reader notices when they visit your blog post. Every business requires a unique logo. It may draw the visitor’s attention towards your business. The stunning logo helps you to create a strong brand impact on visitors. Carefully choose the color and font style to make a meaningful logo. Try to keep it simple and scalable.

Here are some logo maker and creation tools:

You can choose the most suitable logo software according to your blog type. Build eye-catching attention to gain visitor’s attention and make your blog eminent.

4. Create An Attractive Blog Post Layout

It is important to create an attractive blog post to gain more visitor’s attention. It also helps you to increase traffic on your blog. You can use the WordPress blog layout plugin like Blog Designer Pro. It allows you to design and modify blog page and single page layouts. This plugin supports 50 unique blog templates for your blog website. You can also modify settings very quickly from the admin side. Importantly, this plugin is easy to integrate using a shortcode.

Furthermore, it is a total solution for your website to attract more users to your blog page. With an attractive blog layout, you can provide a great user experience.

5. Install Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the well known digital analytics software. It provides a freemium service, meaning small businesses can use the service without paying a monthly charge. However, if you want to use more advanced features or the ability to do more with the service, then you have to pay for it.

In addition to this, the software provides useful insights that can help you to create the success strategy of your blogging business. Moreover, it goes into depth on the viewers coming to your blog, where exactly the traffic is coming from, which blog posts are the most popular, and many more.

Install this software before your blog site launches. It truly helps you to analyze the blog website traffic.

The permalink is a URL that visitors can see on your website. It may include the domain name plus slug (a piece of title URL that comes after the domain name). For instance, https://www.solwininfotech.com/blog/ is our blog page link. Moreover, the main aim of permalink is to provide a unique address for each of your blog posts as well as web pages.

Let me give you a clear idea with one example like https://www.solwininfotech.com/blog/wordpress/wordpress-plugins-for-website/. In this URL, “solwininfotech.com” is a domain name. And, the “/blog/wordpress/wordpress-plugins-for-website” is the slug that is a unique identification of a particular blog post.

Make sure your permalink structure should be user-friendly for both search engines and users. Generally, the search engines use two important components to determine the title of an article and permalinks for where to index your page. That is the reason if you want your blog posts to have a better chance to rank on a search engine, then you have to focus on how to optimize permalink structure.

Check some points to create an effective permalink:

  • Always try to keep your permalinks short
  • Use your blog target keyword in your permalinks
  • Use hyphens than an underscore in your permalinks
  • Avoid changing permalinks after publishing

Make a habit to check the blog permalink structure of your blog post before publishing your blog post content.

7. Write Minimum Three Blog Posts

We think that three amazing blog posts are all you need to launch your blog. In addition to this, two or three blog posts a week for the first three months is a great thing! But, you can also keep it minimum, if you want to. There are other tasks, such as writing the email newsletter and promoting existing content that is considered far more important.

If you are a great writer and can write in-detailed blog posts in a record period, then you may target for more. To write your first post, go to your WordPress dashboard and select Posts >> Add New in the left column menu. We hope this truly enhances your experience on your blog.

8. Add Social Sharing Buttons On Your Blog

Social sharing buttons

Social share buttons add comfort for users who want to publish a certain product by extracting additional steps like a copy, past, and post to a particular website. They also provide bloggers the ability to display their blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or other platforms.

When readers love your blog, then they feel to share it with their followers. So, they look for some share buttons first. If they are not found, then they might give up and move on. Sometimes, it relies on the social media network they expected to share the blog content.

9. Join Social Media Groups

It is important to make social media count, before launching a blog post on your blogging website. Facebook and Instagram are great social media options with the greatest number of users worldwide. Moreover, Facebook and Instagram have more than 2.7 billion and 1 million monthly users respectively.

Furthermore, you can join social media groups that are the best fit for you like a valuable community. From there, you can gather useful insight and get a new idea for content for your blog post. By following social media groups, you will get the feedback to drive growth. Apart from this, it helps you to build a strong relationship with followers, and community.

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10. Start An Email List

Email marketing is one of the powerful strategies in business. However, sometimes it might sound irrational to ask individuals to join your email list when you have written some number of posts and just publish your post. With this, do not miss the opportunity to convert your first blog visitor into a subscriber.

One study found that approximately 293.6 billion emails were sent and received each day in the year 2019. And, the figure expanded to increase over 347.3 billion daily emails in 2022. Moreover, the email builds trust with your readers and that helps you to increase profit.

Final Thought!

That is the end! We hope this article helps you to know the important things before launching your blog on the website. Choose the best theme according to your blog requirements. You can also add Google Analysis for traffic analysis. In the end, you can also join the social media groups to get an idea of a new blog post and build a strong connection with social media followers and the community.

If you have any doubts regarding things to do before you launch your blog, then feel free to write in the comment section below.

All the best bloggers.

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