How to Find the Most Searched Blog Topics?

Finding the most searched blog topics is a process. It’s not just about guessing what people are interested in, but also predicting what they’ll be interested in in the future. This article will teach you how to find the most searched blog topics. It’ll require some research and a sense of what’s popular in our culture.

If you are even starting your blogging journey, this will act as a good guide to help you understand the world of topics and blogging and will help you decide the topic for your brand new blog so you can grow your readers base much faster.

With an understanding of good blog topics, you can save a lot of redundant efforts and can make your blog boost faster as you will have all the information about the demand that people have. If you have the right blog idea, it can make a huge difference in your efforts and can even lead you to make good money in the first year of your blogging journey.

I have personally seen many blogs taking off really fast as compared to other blogs while giving an equal amount of effort.

Now, should you be only looking at the profitability of the niche and the topic rather than your interest? Absolutely not, but the popularity and the profitability of the blog niche should not be overlooked

Having a popular blog niche can help you a lot in your growth, and this is the reason why it is a popular opinion to go for a niche which is profitable and interests you.

Sometimes it can be a difficult task to find a good topic to write about, which does not kill your interest and keeps you pushing content on a regular basis.


How To Find Blog Topics?

Now in this era, many and more people are starting a blog in the hope that they will make it huge in the blogging world and can become an influencer one day. The reason for this sudden move of interest can be anything from having a bad job market situation or people looking forward to taking control of financial freedom and start to work from home as well.

No matter what the reason is, if you too are planning on taking a dive as well and consider learning how to start a blog, you can do that too. Starting a blog is a really easy thing to do as well, but one of the most common mistake and the problem that most of the beginner bloggers face is choosing a mediocre or bad niche for blogging.

If you are doing the blogging part just for fun, it is totally fine, you can choose any niche you want but if you are doing this to make a career, then you need to pay attention to the blog topic or niche you choose.

The harsh truth is that not every blog topic is the best, and most of them do not have good potential to earn “good money”. If your focus is on making your blog a profitable one, you need to pay attention to the topic that you are planning on blogging on and ideally should go with the topics with higher demand.

If someone is doing good in a niche in terms of money and profitability, there is no reason why you can’t do it.

Most Searched or Visited Blogs

When you take the time to have a look and research the topic for your niche, you are actually improving your chances of making it in your blogging journey and becoming a successful blogger.

After all, what you are writing about should be something that people are looking forward to reading and are eager to learn about. With a profitable niche, it is easy to promote, advertise, find affiliate programs of the related products, or even launching your own products.

Of course, since you are looking for a popular niche also check to make sure that it is a profitable niche and people are really willing to spend money.

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What to avoid?

There is a common mistake that people or wannabe bloggers do while starting their journey. The mistake is done somewhat in a linear fashion, and it looks more or less like this:

Then once they are knee deep in the blog, they understand the mistake they made. They either don’t like what they are blogging about or no one is visiting the blog just because it is not profitable enough. Of course, since you are here, you will nor be making this mistake. 

So, this raises another question…

What should you be doing?

Once you make up your mind and decides that you are crazy enough to start a blog, this should lead you to the next step, Brainstorming. Looking for the blogs and researching blog niches that make a lot of money and get a good amount of search requests.

Looking and finding the most searched blog topics?

Since it is just the start of your blog, you can actually use the blog research and shape your blog accordingly.

It is a big plus if you have a topic in mind which is a popular blog topic as well but if you do not know about what topic to go with, you don’t have to worry either.

In this case, you need to take some time and start looking for popular blog topics online. Once you do this, you will start seeing the trend of popular topics for blogging.

Another thing that you need to understand is that just having a popular blogging niche will not do the job, you do need to add valuable and useful content to your blog to make it work. So, if you are planning on just going with a popular blog and sitting back and waiting for getting readers and users on your website, I hate to break the ice to you. It is not going to happen that easily.

But if you are down to put your time and efforts into your blog, having a popular blog niche will make your job easier.

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Common Blogging Categories:

If this is what you are looking for then just have it. Here is a list of some of the most popular and common categories that a big group of creators uses on their blogs. The categories listed here are quite broad so make sure you dig deep and pick a subtopic under a category.

  1. Health and Fitness
  2. DIY Blogs
  3. Beauty
  4. Fashion
  5. Travel blogs
  6. Food and Cooking blogs
  7. Tech blogs
  8. Lifestyle blogs
  9. Sports-focused
  10. Finance related blogs
  11. Education
  12. Humor
  13. Political blogs
  14. Gaming blogs
  15. Pet blogs
  16. News blogs
  17. Car and automobile blogs
  18. Movie Buzz blogs
  19. Personal blogs
  20. Home decor
  21. Parenting blogs
  22. Music and musicians blogs

All these categories have well performed in the past and do not go down when it comes to popularity. In fact, If you wish, you can try googling up the keywords and you will get to know the top performing blogs people are going on.

Now, this surely is the domain and the most searched keyword but since this is so heavily targeted, this makes it quite difficult to make your spot as well. What can you do for this?

You need to go deeper into a niche and target a specific part of that niche. This specific targeting is called Long Tail Keyword Targeting. 

You need to focus on these niche-specific topics if you want to rank on Google. You probably won’t be able to rank on Google for the seed keyword like “Travel” but if you are going for a long-tail keyword like, “Travel on a Bike 101”, you might have a better chance of ranking on Google and bring in the traffic you are targeting.

What should you blog about?

It is good to have all the blog topics and niches that are doing good in the industry and it is even nicer to see how many searches these keywords are getting.

Now, since you have the most popular blog niches, you must be thinking about what you must be blogging about? Of course, no one wants to waste time trying to build a blog that doesn’t get any searches so you need to make sure you go with one of the blogs which I have mentioned above.

Now, another thing that you must pay attention to when it comes to choosing a topic is your interest. If you are not interested in the topic you have taken, chances are that you will run out of ideas and inspiration to continue your blogging journey. 

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In the end, you are doing this for money but it would be much difficult for you to make some if you are not interested in the niche. Many bloggers make this mistake and end up losing interest in their blog and later failing at making it big in blogging.

So, while you must be looking at well-performing blog niches, you also need to look at what interests you. More invested you are in that niche, chances are that you will have more ideas, more inspiration, and more detailed content on the website.

And since. you will be choosing your desired topic from the list of proven topics, you do not have to worry about not making it big in your blogging journey.

If you are interested in targeting only the top creamy layer of the blogs, I can give you the top 5 blogs as well but again no matter how attractive the numbers are for these blogs, there is no point if you are not leaned towards your blog.

Here is the list you are looking for:

Top 5 Most Searched Blog Topics (According to UberSuggest)

  • Fashion Blogs (18500 searches a month)
  • Travel Blogs (18500 searches a month)
  • Food Blogs (15000 searches a month)
  • Lifestyle Blogs (9000 searches a month)
  • Beauty Blogs (8400 searches a month)

It surely is a tie between travel and fashion blogs as of course, it is a much-preferred topic that interests people and keeps them engaged and this is what bloggers want, a topic that can never become boring at any point is always is profitable.

If you are willing to work on any of these blogs, then it is a great start, to be honest. You just need to focus on the work you are doing for your blog. If you are not consistent and providing useful content on your blog, chances are you won’t be getting good coverage regardless of how popular the niche is.

Another thing that comes with a popular niche is competition. You cannot expect to go in there and start blogging and start making ridiculous money just because it is a popular niche. The downside of working with a popular niche is that you need to face competition. Just like you, there are many other bloggers trying to make it to the top and become an authority blog in their niche so you need to figure out how you can leave them behind and get all the traffic there is.

The only key you need to focus on is consistency and efforts. Give your best content consistently and nobody can stop your blog from growing.

How to Find Trending Topics?

One of the easiest ways to find what topics work for you is looking it up. You need to give some time in looking up what you are going to blog about.

So, you have sat down and decided on a blog niche but how profitable is that? One way to check its popularity is by using Google Trends. If you have a blog idea, you can put it in the search bar and it will show you whether the term or topic you are planning to work with is trending or popular or not. You can also see the projections on how it has been growing popularity or losing popularity.

You can also compare different topics or sub-topics that are causing you trouble in deciding what topic to go with. Also, you get the geolocation filter as well which gives you an option to filter your search for a topic or phrase for a specific country. This can help you in advanced targeting your audience if you are going for a regional keyword and are looking for pushing your content for a country or two. Also, you can see how the keyword has been performing in the past as well. You can see the data from 2004 for any keyword.

Looking For Your Topic

I am sure you must have glanced over the list of popular blog topics out there and must be thinking about choosing one. You can surely go ahead with any item you find worthy in the list and can begin your blogging journey but as I said before, make sure that you are genuinely interested in the topic you start with. The topic being popular is not going to get the job done if you are not able to generate good content in that niche and that will require you to put in a good amount of work in it.

For instance, if you like the niches, sports, and music, you can see which one you are more comfortable with and which one you would rather be able to crunch up good content. 

Then you can go and try checking this niche’s popularity and trend using the Google Trends tool. This will give you more clarity about your niche.

Let’s say you decided to go with the sports niche, you can check out other bloggers on how they are working and what they are providing when it comes to content. Do not confuse this with stealing content, you are just there to see what is working for them. Chances are it might not work for you in the same way but will enable you to think with more clarity in mind and see what can be done for your blog.

Getting Started

Till now you have been pushing the date just because you were not able to come up with a good topic or were not able to settle on a topic.

It is now time you stop delaying and start doing. Some of you might be a little lost when it comes to starting a blog as most of the time people think of it as a thing that will require your coding knowledge and what not but the reality is you can do it easily without facing any technical issue. If you want a comprehensive guide on how to start a blog, here it is.

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Try to evaluate who your audience is before you start working on the content. This will help you in framing your content accordingly. Once you know your audience you will be able to write content that speaks to your visitors and not talks about you.

Final Take Away

Choosing from a list of popular niches does makes the journey a little easier but it does not mean that becoming a blogger is an easy thing to do.

Since you are about to enter the world of blogging, you will see how trivial it can be to become a blogger. There are many things you need to do to fetch a handful of audience and things that can make your blog posts more interesting. 

Do let me know which topic took your interest and what made you choose it? If you are going with any topic from the list here, I would love to know your thought process behind that topic selection!

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