How to Turn One Blog Post into Multiple Pieces of Content?

Blogging is one of the most popular and convenient ways of communicating information from one to many. The content requires good research on the topic and to present it in such a way that it serves its usefulness to the large masses.

One of the main purposes of blog writing is to make it available to a large proportion of readers, and often your content gets unnoticed and in some cases lost.

A blogger comes up with many unique ideas, but it can be a little difficult to come up with new ideas all the time. 

For this, a blogger can use a single blog post for generating multiple forms of content, or one might say this as content spinning.

You need to repurpose your blog post into multiple pieces of content. But what does this ‘repurpose’ mean?

Repurposing your blog post means to represent your original content in different styles and mediums via several platforms like video, podcasts, files, infographics, etc.

In layman’s terms, repurposing means to present the same thing in a different way. 

Did you know?

Repurposing is akin to the biological division where single stem cell divides to form multiple cells. Biology(Ah!) nothing to worry!

It is very easy the original blog post serves as a stem cell, which after repurposing produces multiple pieces of content(akin to multiple cells).

Don’t worry, we are done with biology.

Another way to put it is, famous song artists cannot make masterpieces each time they sit down to create music. They have a few hits, and everyone in the world uses those masterpieces in different styles making covers, remixes, etc. of the original.

Now since we know what repurposing is, let’s have a quick look at how you can benefit from it.

Benefits of Repurposing

1. It Makes Content Versatile

A written blog post may not be an ideal form for the audience who would rather go for a medium like a video or audio. So, repurposing acts as a boon to the original written post.

It helps to evolve the content into video, audio, image formats to bring out its full potential.

2. Gaining Exposure

The blogger experiences better exposure through repurposing as repurposing the blog post makes the content spread widely. It reaches to the audience from different backgrounds using different platforms of media. Better exposure eventually ensures a better prevalence of the original content.

3. Greater Accessibility

Many times a user may not be using the very platform where you have published your original blog post. They may be on different platforms of social media such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Different formats of content like images, videos, audios get shared on these platforms so the people who have a liking towards any other medium, than written content, will be pleased with your efforts.

So, repurposing the blog post by converting into multiple pieces of content and sharing those on these platforms will ensure greater accessibility for a larger audience, which eventually will be the key to your blog’s success.

4. Helps in SEO

SEO is one of the most important parameters when it comes to building your blog. Search engine optimization is not just for your blog content that is in written form. In fact, it extends to a lot more and can help you rank your various content forms to rank on search engines and mark their spot.

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5. Brand Value

Repurposing the blog post automatically provides an edge to your main content and increases its value when it appears on different platforms, which in turn builds up your brand value. 

Having a channel on Youtube will only help you build a voice for your brand and increase the conversion.

6. Increases Your Niche Knowledge

When you write many pieces of the same type of content, you are sure to grow in that niche. Your knowledge on that topic will expand, and you will surely start to see many new elements which may have been missed earlier.

You may also have learned something new in the meantime, and that extra tip or piece of information may benefit your work. 

Like a topic on cryptocurrency can be presented in a new way with the knowledge you have gained over the years about it. The same content written in the year 2015 can be repurposed in a better way in the year 2019.

But the main thing now comes, how to repurpose your blog post or in other words how to convert one blog post into multiple pieces of content. Let us see how:

How to Repurpose Your Blog

1. Creating Videos

What do you connect better with? A video or a long written article. The answer will most probably be the video.

A study has shown that making video content has increased the leads into customers by 86% in business. This just shows how much more effective a video can be in terms of selling aspects of the content.

The same content, when read will be very amusing to some, but for some of the people hailing from different backgrounds who spend more time viewing videos will connect better with the content in a video form.

Youtube, for example, is a very popular video sharing platform, so converting a part of your blog post and sharing it on Youtube will bring the audience who consume content through video.

Other social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, also have video sharing feature, and thus one can make use of this and convert a part of the content in a video form. These sites have a large number of users daily, so it will be able to spread your content with ease.

Making a video can be a bit of a challenging task for some and requires a level of understanding of video editing software, but once that is taken care of, it becomes pretty easy. You can use adobe premiere pro, windows movie maker, or final cut pro and learn these to regenerate content in video format in no time with great quality.

Many apps are available in the market that helps in converting small parts of your blog into small videos that are easily digestible to the viewers.

2. Creating Audio

Some people are not great readers but are great listeners, so repurposing your content in an audio format will be helpful for the latter ones.

Reading 2000 to 3000 words may seem like a cumbersome task, but listening to these words in an audio format won’t seem much of a challenge.

It requires little to no effort in recording audio of the blog and publishing it on different mediums. A platform like Podbean allows its users to share audio blogs and thus, apps similar to these are very essential in developing an audience for this.

You can even start bringing in some experts and discussing the topic on your podcast. The podcasts have become quite popular with over 700000 active podcasts.

This helps people in thinking out of the box, and regular listeners have been seen making communities around these podcasts. The thrill of being a part of a discussion while some experts give their point of view is an event no one wants to miss out on.

People can keep listening to podcasts and audio files while working out, working, jogging, and performing any other activity.

You must make sure that the quality of the audio is top-notch as the audio is the only source of the medium, the people are interacting with, unlike a video that has both audio and video. You cannot be creative in audio format, yet it attracts so much audience.

3. Use of Social Media

You can break your blog post into simpler and smaller versions and share it on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram as a post on these sites. When people read your post, they will be curious to know more about the entire content. It will bring more people to your written blog post.

Usage of social media is on its peak these days, so sharing the content on the same will yield better results.

Try to make teasers for your content like “Check out the healthy exercises which keep you energetic throughout your hectic schedule” or “Did you know that 56% of social media users are not aware of what they agree to?” share these teasers on social media platforms and these will work as temptations for the original blog post.

Instagram stories, Whatsapp status, facebook stories are some of the helpful features where one can highlight one’s blog post as you can put a story on any of these platforms saying “check out my blog post”. You can also put up interactive stories on Instagram, which will help you in building a bond with your audience.

For Instance, you could start a poll asking what do they prefer between energy drink or soft drink, similarly you could encourage the discussions on topics, which are relevant to your blog, among the users.

It has been seen several times that these interactive stories attract people from different walks of life, which will make the discussions even more intriguing.

After you post simpler bits of your content on Instagram, you can make use of “Ask me anything” feature on the Instagram story about the same, through which your audience will get a chance to interact with the content creator.

You can also repurpose your content by posting a small quote or a para from the main blog on several social media groups. Some of the members of the groups may like the quote or a sentence from the para and may use it in something they are posting, this will ensure that your purpose is complete.

Make sure you use appropriate hashtags on these posts, many creators do this, and their content is easily searchable using these hashtags.

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4. Pdf files and slides

One of the ways of presenting the content of the blog is by converting it into slideshows. We have always been presenting any sort of data through powerpoint as it helps the viewers in grasping the information in a well-structured manner.

Slideshows are one of the most efficient ways of presenting data like in business meetings, management presentations, school projects, etc. So their ambit is huge.

Your blog post may contain answers to some questions or problems or may also contain important information on some topics, the slideshow is one of the best tools in highlighting those points of your content.

You can provide a piece of your blog post like a guide or “how-to,” in a pdf format that is downloadable for free. The readers will appreciate this tremendously, and you will be able to attract more audience.

5. Infographics

Before getting into the details of how to repurpose your blog post through infographics, first, let us understand what it is.

A data presented in a format that is easily digestible through the use of arrows, charts, and diagrams, i.e., the visual representation of data is called an infographic.

The infographic is one of the ways to make your content fun to read and easy to understand. They amass a lot of info into one single image format, which is why the use of these have been increasing dramatically. These are very popular among bloggers with strong statistical data.

6. Live Streaming

Some people like to discuss and interact while consuming content. They also want to know about the writer or want to discuss a point about the blog. So, Going live with the audience has become very popular, it has allowed viewers to talk about the content or talk to the creator of the content.

Bring in some experts on the topic and start a discussion on it. The community you can create through this is astonishing.

You can easily start a live video on Youtube, Twitch, Facebook, Instagram. Starting a youtube channel or a Twitch channel will bring in the people who digest any video content on these platforms.

The audience in these platforms is used to the discussions and interactions, so it will be super simple for you to jump on these platforms and present your content with the help of some experts.

The content on Twitch and Youtube can also provide you with passive income as the regular creators on these platforms do.

If your content solves problems, then some of the readers may have some queries. You could answer them and build a separate fan-base for your blog.

7. Free Online Course

You may be writing on a technical topic, or some of the content of the blog may be very helpful for students or any person working. In this case, converting that content into a free online course is a very good idea.

The readers can have multiple topics covered in the same place. The degree to which you are covering the topics could be less, but for readers, that may just be enough to solve their problems.

8. Ask an Expert to give a quote to the content

To spread some sort of content, it is necessary that you ask any expert on the topic to give a quote to the content. Book authors use this a lot of times when they ask other fellow experts to say something about the book, so other people can have a perspective on that book.

You can then ask the same expert to help you out in the podcast or live stream. The possibilities after getting a helping hand from other experts is endless.

This helps in building your network throughout the internet, and your audience will enjoy the company of all the new members. Remember, healthy discussions are welcomed by the people, try to maintain the community.

Final Thoughts

A blog requires a lot of research and hard work, it takes time to make content, and when it receives the attention it deserves then only the return on the blog starts. The one thing which bloggers miss is that his/her content may have more to it than they had anticipated.

Every blogger can come up with a great idea for content but doing that constantly can be difficult, so use every article of yours to make multiple pieces of content. Doing this regularly will make you efficient in it, and you will always be ready with work when you sit in front of your screen.

Just make sure that your content feels fresh and unique when used in repurposing, even the people who have already read the blog must feel like they were introduced to something new. Cover all mediums and stay aware of the latest trends on each platform and distribution medium.

Select the blog which has the best analytics on your website, this way, your chances of turning that into multiple pieces of content will increase.

Always look for opportunities to take away what you can from your blog post. You may have included a statistic that can be converted into an infographic, so look for what can be fetched.

The small paragraph presented as an audio clip might hit someone deep while working in their office. Someone on the internet might share a quote from one of your Facebook posts about your blog.

A group of friends might have a good laugh viewing the video you posted about one of your satire blogs.

The possibilities are endless, the only thing left now is for you to decide how you can present your blog to different people and in a different format.

Let me know if you found this blog interesting and worth reading by commenting your thoughts down below.

If you feel this piece of content is worth sharing with others, do share the love!

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